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Hi peeps. Jollyhood Pictures is back and with a bang! Sorry for being MIA for so long but you’re definitely to forgive moi when you see the new Jollyhood. For all yah movie fanatics out there like my very self, get set as we take you on the greatest ride of your life with latest blockbusters, premieres, analysis and we might even get a peek or two at some upcoming movies and series. So buckle up, sit tight and let’s gets started.
When did you realize you were a movie buff? Can you think back to that one moment? Was it a line of dialogue, scene or character that clinched it for you? Talking about characters, I think great characters have a huge role to play in the success of a movie, someone else says it’s all in the story but that’s an argument for another day. soundof music
So back to great movies, what really makes a great movie or series? Think back on some classics of old like Scarface, Sound of Music, The Good, the bad and the Ugly, just to mention a few. And by the way the soundtrack for the movie The Good, the bad and the Ugly is still so dope. What about series like Some Mothers Do Have Them, Mind Your Language or Halo Halo”? Yeah like wow! Getting nostalgic so am I. They really don’t make them like that scarfaceanymore. But seriously what makes these movies transcend time and become classics like we know them today. Some of you probably have them in VHS, VCD, DVD and now soft copy formats. And you just keep watching them over and over again because you simply can’t we let go. Get I have a witness?
And that’s what Jollyhood Pictures stands for; capturing movies that will transcend time. That days, months and years after watching that movie, a line, scene or character forever plays in your mind. And that’s what makes any movie rad. And someday soon yours truly will get to make such a movie. Stay tuned.
Anyway I’ll love to hear from you guys what you think makes that special movie or series a classic. Leave your comments below.
And pleassssss don’t stop watching the movies! See yah.

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