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Hi guys. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the “Weekend Blues”. Where we give you Bio data on your favourite actors and  a review of must watch movies. Yeah I know! So exciting right.

So kicking off this weekend with our Movie Review. And the must watch movie for the week is………. October 1. october 1And no we aren’t doing this movie review because we’re in the month of October, no pun intended whatsoever. Just thought we start with a naija movie. Did I hear a snicker?  What’s wrong with our movies? FYI yours truly is proudly naija for life.

Anyway back to October 1, the movie produced and directed by prolific Kunle Afolayan is set against the background of Nigeria’s IndependenceKunle-Afolayan3 from Britain.  The soon to be former colonial masters are determined to solve a series of murder in a remote village in the western region of the Country before they’re finally sent packing. They dispatch a famed Inspector (Sadiq Daba) with the mandate to solve the murders and catch the killer before the British flag is brought down and the Nigerian flag hoisted on October 1.

My take is that Kunle Afolayan outdid himself again with his latest work. As usual cinematography was beautiful, props and costume so on point and the story different from the usual run of the mill. But… sensed it coming did you. The whole essence of the good murder story is to keep the viewers second guessing themselves as to the identity of the murderer until the end of the film e.g “The Usual Suspect”. That wasn’t the case with this move because I knew who the killer was from the beginning of the movie. Everything pointed to the Prince; his contrary opinion that the country wasn’t ready be independent, scenes of the victims being attacked by someone dressed in white and we all know how the prince loves his white outfits, the movie was practically screaming  ‘The Prince is the Murderer’ (sing song voice). And that kind of spoiled the fun of figuring out the murderer for myself through clues and intelligent reasoning like some modern day Sherlock Holmes. And for our famed inspector to discover  the Prince was the killer just because he was humming a tune. Come on! That was way too easy and too much of a short cut for our brilliant Inspector Waziri.  And please did our director have to star in the film in a key role as opposed to his usual waka pass role. Taking a cue from fellow directors and Producers the likes of Tyler Perry, Quentin, Tarrantino and co acting abi? Think he should stick to the other stuff (lips sealed). And if you disagree with my take, please feel free to fight it out on my blog….(lol).

demolaIn all it’s a great movie so be sure to watch it if you haven’t. Thought upcoming act Demola Adedoyin (Prince Ropo) did really well with his role. Looking forward to see more of him in nollyhood. Love to hear your thoughts about the movie. Bye bye and remember don’t stop watching the movies.

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