Welcome to the month of September and the last quarter of the year, peeps! I’m sorry for the slight change in transmission with no Movie Review on Friday, but I just felt like sharing something on a personal level. Some heart breaking, gut wrenching stuff *teary eyes* Calm down guys. I can almost literally see your ears stand at attention. Lol! Sorry to disappoint but it’s nothing sensational.

September for me represents a month of mixed (bittersweet) emotions. Because while I get to celebrate my ministry’s anniversary with family and friends, I also remember it as the month that I lost someone very dear to me, eight years ago.  My brother, Pst Peter Emeaghara, Pst P as fondly called by all. And while I comfort myself with the thoughts that he’s in the better place, amongst a cloud of witnesses and all that. Other times I don’t care about that stuff. I just wish that you were still here. That I got more time and moments to relieve with you. Can I get witness???


So here I am, reminiscing about the past, and one thought keeps running through my mind; how funny it is that we were never close growing up as kids. We never saw eye to eye and if we talked (which I don’t remember us doing much of) we argued the whole time. Apart from the fact that back then I was a little stubborn *smile*, you (Pst P) had weird views about the world; with all the talk about evolution and scientific proof that God didn’t exist. Then that same God took the contrary boy who didn’t believe in Him and made him a General in His Army. Wow! I guess I can say that our relationship changed at that point. You went from being that perky, silent little torn in my flesh, to being Pst P; a true brother, father, friend and mentor. And I became a better person for knowing you.


Where do I start from? How I couldn’t have known what it really meant to have a relationship with God or become the believer I am today, if you hadn’t introduced me to DCC. How you showed me what real ministry was about; to love people irrespective of their faults. I vividly remember how I would go on and on about someone I had issues with and how you would never say anything negative about that person, even if I was right. And when I asked why, you said “you never share someone’s faults with other people because it will colour their perception of that person”. I didn’t understand back then but I do now. You also taught me to do the work without seeking fame or being in the spotlight. Always “behind the scenes” helping, being the armour bearer God called you to be. Hmm… ministry doesn’t feel the same without you.

Other things I remember is our mutual love for music, even though you couldn’t sing to key if your life depended on it. Lol! You dubbed songs from the radio on every available tape in the house and I sang the songs. The same tapes you used to record messages after you got born again *sad face* And our penchant for films. We watched the first season of “Prison Break” together. Lost, Heroes, every movie/series we considered interesting. Of course we were both Arsenal fans. Gunners for Life! And there was our love for children and our dream to adopt 20 each. On my way to fulfilling mine. Perhaps I’ll add your number to mine. After all what use is a dream if we don’t get to live it. So I can live yours for you. I always take comfort from knowing that a part of you lives on, in one little adorable boy that looks exactly like you.


I could go on and on but nah. Getting a little choked up and emotional here. It could be the over imaginative writer in me, but I know it’s not because I miss you so **** much. I celebrate you this month and always Pst P. And I guess you know it already but I’m still going to say it anyways; you’re never forgotten. Not by me, those you mattered to or those that mattered to you. #alwaysinourharts.


I want to use this opportunity peeps to invite you guys to celebrate with me the awesome ministry that made my Pst P and helped him fulfill his vision, David’s Christian Centre, as we celebrate twenty years of a miraculous walk with God all through this month of September. Starting this Sunday, 4th of September, with correct gbedu and beta RSVP (rice & stew very plenty) in our two services, 7.30am and 9am respectively. Check out the brochure above for more info. toyelash.jpeg

Happy Wedding Anniversary PK and PM. Love you guys. Have a splendid month peeps! XoXo.

  dedicated to all Jollyhood’s peeps that has lost a loved someone…

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    Neca Ugochukwu-Onyeka
    September 5, 2016 at 9:07 am

    Hurray! DCC…Happy 20th Anniversary.
    Happy 11 years wedding anniversary to P K and P M
    I celebrate you this month Pst P, though I never met but I have heard of your exploits and am being blessed… “you never share someone’s faults with other people because it will color their perception of that person”.. that’s one sentence am going to live with for the rest of my life. Thanks for being a blessing.
    Thanks Jollyhood… guys rock

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    September 6, 2016 at 10:08 am

    Pastor P was a pillar of strength.
    In a world where true leadership is difficult to find…he made it look simple and interesting.
    He led by example..he grew leaders from ordinary men.
    Pst. P was a very practical man….he was deep!!!
    As short as his lifetime on this earth was….I strongly believe that he lived a fulfilled life!!!
    He fulfilled his ministry!!!

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