To be Axed or Not.. (PT 3)

Hi. Hope you had a great weekend? Mine was kind of hectic and sad, because my mum had to go back to the States. Oh, I’ll miss my mummy! (in a weepy little girl voice) Yeah, Yeah, I’m a mummy’s girl and I really don’t care. (sing song tone) Lol!unnamed-2.jpg.jpeg

Anyways, got my spirits lifted by Amaghimo. It was pure, unadulterated, powerful, refreshing worship in God’s presence with Palmira, Eno Michael, Eric Arubayi, Mairo Ese and DCC’s very own Pastor Mildred. Wow! Not forgetting the amazing testimonies. I’m forever grateful for an amazing God, who does amazing things. #thankfulformyamazingGod.


So true at pix above. For more on Amaghimo, check out the Just Us Girls blog

To the conclusion of our “To Be Axed or Not” Series as promised,  let’s see the series that was renewed or let go by the NBC network.

NBC renewed a lot of programming early in the season, including fan favorites like The Blacklist and Chicago Fire. However, the network is still having trouble, with a comedy lineup that isn’t super impressive. Variety show Best Time Ever also failed to stick around this season, and was cancelled by the network a while ago. Here’s where NBC’s shows stand:james spader

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris Cancelled By NBC
The Blacklist Renewed For Season 4 in December
Blindspot Renewed For Season 2 on November 9
Chicago Fire Renewed for Season 5 on November 9
Chicago P.D. Renewed for Season 4 on November 9
Grimm Renewed
Chicago Med Renewed
Heroes Reborn No Season 2, according to creative team
Law & Order: SVU Renewed
The Mysteries of Laura Cancelled in May
The Player Cancelled
Truth Be Told Episode order trimmed to 10, set already dismantled
Undateable Cancelled in May
The Voice Renewed




The Biggest Loser
Chicago Med Renewed On February 1
Shades of Blue Renewed For Season 2
Crowded Cancelled

You, Me and the Apocalypse Cancelled
The Carmichael Show Renewed in May


Good to see The Blacklist, Blindspot, Grimm, The Chicago Series, Law & Order renewed. Shades of Blue starring Jlo aint bad. Glad to find Undateable, and The Player axed. Not surprised about Heroes Reborn. Shouldn’t have been “reborn” in the first place if you ask me. The old Heroes was way much better than the “reborn”.images-67.jpg.jpeg

Another new series you can look forward too, from CBS is ‘Training Day’, an adaptation of Denzel Washington’s 2001 film ‘Training Day’. It premieres this fall. Check out the Trailer at

In another twist, not to be a bearer of bad news, but I’ve got some for Game of Thrones fans; the series is over. I don’t just mean this season, I mean the series as a whole.


Before some of y’all burst into tears, it isn’t official yet but it’s looking more and more likely there really may be only 13 episodes left in the entire series after season six ends, split into a seven episode seventh season and just six episodes for season eight. That’s something the showrunners have discussed openly, and one of the past directors of the show confirmed a shorter upcoming season seven.

This isn’t just sad for fans who don’t want to let go of the series, it’s also a big bummer for HBO itself. HBO Programming President Michael Lombardo previously expressed the desire for the series to run 10 seasons or more, but admitted it would be up to the discretion of the showrunners. The showrunners, it turns out, want to be done 16 episodes from now (they should be shot, right?) Just kidding.


Anyways, it’s kind of surprising because Game of Thrones is a big deal for HBO right now, which is why the network is almost certainly considering making a prequel or spin-off series to ensure it doesn’t lose its coveted GOT viewers, who have increased over the past six seasons. The show started out with 2.5 million viewers on average in season one, and now it’s over 7 million in season six. Given how ratings are calculated now between DVRs and online and what have you, it seems likely that GOT’s 7 million may be closer to 10 million in actuality. That’s pretty incredible for not just a cable channel, but a pay channel in the current climate. It’s been a long time since HBO has seen numbers this strong. But it stands alone, and its pending absence will create a huge hole in HBO’s schedule.


Not saying HBO has any shortage of good content right now. But consistently high rated content? Not so much. Especially with the recent power duo of True Blood and Boardwalk Empire gone. GOT is massive, and as such, the possibility for alternative series continuing can’t be ruled out. The scene of the “Battle of the Bastards” alone was shot with 600 crew, 500 extras, and 70 horses over a period of 25 days and cost over $10 million. That’s how long it takes us to shot “one film” in Naija and certainly not with that amount of money. Just saying.

The spin-off could take place practically in any time period, with HBO having acquired the film and television rights to the world of Westeros as George RR Martin himself said. HBO may have been preparing for the eventuality of a spin-off or sequel series for a long time, ever since they made the deal. It would be fantastic if they could manage to get Martin’s blessing/guidance.


While HBO might not seem like the type of channel to do a spin-off purely for the sake of audience retention, but looking at their current line-up, they really don’t have anything else close to GOT. Also the network is facing more intense competition than ever from not just other pay channels, but also cable channels, and of course, there’s their chief rival Netflix, and the other streaming horsemen of the apocalypse, Hulu and Amazon.

Obviously, there are valid fears about a new show being terrible, but if there’s one thing HBO hasn’t lost over the years, its quality control (True Detective season two aside). It still has some of the best dramas and comedies on television (or on the internet, as the case may be). And while it may never reach the level of the original show, but if they do go forward with a spin-off, they’re going to try and make sure the spin-off maintains what made the original so appealing. And if anyone could make that work, it’s HBO. But then any GOT would be preferable to none if the fans have a say.


Two things I’m sure of is that HBO isn’t ready to let go, just 16 episodes from now, and I know the fans aren’t ready to see it end either. The second is that the finale will have a horrific closure as usual to the stories of these current characters (Ramsey’s already gotten his closure). Wonder who will sit on the Iron Throne. Sure many are rooting for Daenerys Targaryen. Why not? Who doesn’t love a queen with dragons? Signing out for Jollyhood, it’s yours truly. Much love!


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