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Hi guys. Welcome to another great week. My heart felt thank yous to everyone that made my birthday unforgettable; David’s Army & M&B department of David’s Christian Church, family, friends and my darling hubby. Thanks for the show of love; it feels great to be celebrated. As for David’s Army that pulled off a surprise party for moi, well done. I’m not easily surprised but you guys got me this time. No worries I shall retaliate in due time… (lol).

Today I thought we’ll take a look at some of the must watch series both The New and The Comebacks for the September 2015 Season. For The New you might want to try out the following:

BlindspotBlindspot Season 1 (NBC): Created by Martin Gero and Greg Berlanti.  It follows the mystery of a woman suffering from amnesia and covered with tattoos which turn out to be clues in unraveling new or ongoing criminal investigations.

Quantico Season 1 (ABC): One of the FBI’s new recruits is suspected of being responsible for carrying out the largest terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11.

minorityreportMinority Report Season 1 (Fox): Set after the events of Steven Spielberg’s film, it follows the life of a former Precog as he attempts to use his gift to save innocent people. Sci fi fans, this one’s for you.

Limitless Season 1 (CBS): A direct sequel to the Bradley Cooper’s movie, Limitless follows a down on his luck man who’s recruited by the FBI after coming in contact with a mysterious drug NZT.

Heroes Reborn 1 (NBC): A continuation of the original NBC series that ran from 2006-2010, Heroes Reborn picks up a year after a terrorist attack in Texas that has now left many with abilities in hiding from those who want to do them harm. Not sure I’m feeling the new ‘Heroes’. I think I prefer the characters from the old but let’s watch and see.

the-muppets-tv-showThe Muppets Season 1 (ABC): If you loved ‘The Muppet Show’ then you definitely don’t want to miss ‘The Muppets’  make a return to television.

Supergirl Season 1 (CBS): You can follow the adventures of Superman’s cousin has she embraces her powers to make the world a better place.

For The Comebacks you want to see:

supernaturalSupernatural Season 11 (The CW): My favourite brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester are back in fierce great battle with angels and demons and some new terror they unleashed on humanity.

Vampire Diaries Season 7 (The CW): Yeah! Vampire Diaries is back with one of my ‘Fab Villains’ Damon Salvatore as he attempts to save his beloved Elena from his mummy’s evil clutches.

the-originalsOriginal Season 3 (The CW): Bad-ass Klaus and his dysfunctional Original family make a come back for another scary exciting season.

Law & Order: SUV Season 17 (NBC): The only surviving member of the franchise puts viewers alongside detectives working in NYPD’s Special Victims Unit as they handle a variety of sexually based cases. Court scenes and criminal investigation fans will love this one.

empireEmpire Season 2 (Fox): After the recording breaking ratings of the first season, Empire returns for another with the Lyons, a record label dynasty living in New York City with my favourite characters Lucius and Cookie Lyon.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, (ABC): The first show in the powerhouse factory writer Shonda Rhimes, Grey’s anatomy is a medical drama about a doctors working in a fictional Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. That’s love, drama and medicine for our medical professionals.

scandal-season-5Scandal Season 5 (ABC): A political thriller following the life of Olivia Pope a.k.a The Fixer and her affair with the leader of the free world. I like Scandal not because the Kerry is married to a Nigerian but for the dialogue; you know we writers love our dialogue. Where most productions try to trim down on dialogue, Scandal thrives on it.  It’s almost like the actors churn out the words per second billing.

Black-ish Season 2: The Johnsons are a middle class upper family led by Andre Johnson (Dre) who tries to pass off some of his black culture to his uninterested children.

Once Upon a Time Season 5 (ABC): The series follow the residents of a fictional town, Storybrooke that come to realize that they’re actually fairy characters. Though it dragged a bit in the first two seasons, it got interesting in the 3rd and 4th. So the fifth should be worth the while. I particularly love their costumes and choice of locations. And of course our charming Captain Hook.

jane-the-virginJane the Virgin  Season 2 (CW): Based on the Venezuelan telenovela, it’s about a 23 year old virgin that accidental becomes artificially inserted. Season 1 was hilarious so you might want to check out the comeback.

madam-secretaryMadam Secretary Season 2 (CBS): A former CIA analyst is promoted to the role of Secretary of State after her predecessor dies in a plane crash. If you love political dramas and you’re interested in the way foreign policies work then this one is a must watch for you.

Blacklist Season 3 (NBC): The start of this season sees Agent Keen on the run with Red Reddington. You’re going to love seeing eccentric James Spader in action.

The Flash Season 2 (The CW): Spin off from Arrow returns with time travel conundrums after the events of Season one. Glad to see Dr Harrison Wells is back even if it isn’t as the Reverse Flash, he made quite the Villain in Season One.

izombieiZombie Season 2 (The CW): For the Zombie lovers, get set for a new round of dark and twisted comedic zombie adventure.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 (CBS): Five friends, four of which are geniuses end up showing the world they don’t understand life beyond their respective careers.

arrow_season_4Arrow Season 4 (The CW): Oliver Queen is back as ‘The Green Arrow’  battling to save his beloved city from a new villain. I thought the last season was a blast with ‘The League of Assassins.‘ Hope this season is just as interesting.

I think these should do for now. Have fun watching and let me know what you think. You can also leave us a comment  if we missed out on any series you consider a must watch. See yah and remember not to stop watching the movies.

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