The Lion or the Wimp

if asked who the strongest animal is, most would say the lion hence it’s title “the king of the jungle”. But the thing is the lion isn’t really the strongest animal. The elephant which uproot trees and cars in it’s way could easily crush a lion with one foot, likewise the rhino or hippo could take the lion apart easily. Neither is it the fastest animal. The cheetah could probably outrun the lion without breaking much sweat. Perhaps it’s because of how wise the lion is except the cunning wily old hyena would outsmart the lion any day. If it isn’t the strongest, fastest or wisest then what makes the lion stand out. What makes this animal so special; it’s inability to back down from any opponent. The lion’s ability to face down animals stronger than itself has had such great effect on other animals that they fear the it and actually believe that the lion strongest of the animals in the jungle. Can you beat. Do you know that God refers to us as a lion in life’s jungle (Proverbs 28:1), never backing down from challenges. I can imagine some people make a scoff “yeah right” at a this point. But it’s true. If God says so then we are and more importantly we got to act that way. So what would you do differently if you actually believed you were a lion, never backing down from any of life’s challenge? Would you dust off that proposal that has been lying on your shelve for years, start that business even though you’ve told several times it’s bound to fail or just do something you’ve never had the guts to do before. I guess the question is which would you rather be; the lion of the jungle or the wimp of the jungle

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