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I’ve had this ongoing argument like forever with a friend as to the best superhero of all time. And I think it’s time to settle this once and for all with my list of the Top Ten Superhero films. The only problem however is that my film list doesn’t exactly match up with my favourite superhero list. But we’ve got to go what we’ve got to do. I grew up watching Superman movies, but now with more superhero films being made, the selection pool has only gotten bigger. Anyway, this is what my list looks like:

       10. Deadpool

Considered one of the surprising box office hits of 2016, Deadpool is the wise ass, smart mouthed Ryan Reynolds in red tights. The movie was kind of hilarious and I love the old school music flow to it. The profanity was a setback for me but it was crazy engaging enough for me to overlook that part.

  1. Batman Begins

I’m not really much of a Batman fan. Maybe because I don’t really consider the dark, tormented knight much of a superhero with his Bat mobile and gadgets. And making him best Superman in Dawn of Justice hasn’t made me like the masked Gotham vigilante any better.

But I were to pick a Batman movie, I’ll choose with Christian Bale remake. His Batman character I enjoyed more than his predecessors.

  1. Thor

Hemsworth does cut an impressive figure as the mythical God Thor with his muscled built, blue eyes, long blond hair (Kind of reminds you of the blond Viking warriors), welding that iron of his or whatever it’s called. And he can fly too! And electrocute his enemies with lightning.  Good enough for me!

I enjoyed the first sequel better where the cocky arrogant Thor gets banished to earth without his powers and he has to learn to fend for himself like the rest of we poor ordinary mortals. My favourite villain Loki played by Tom Hiddleston, makes his first appearance in this film. Have I mentioned he might be the next Bond…

  1. Iron Man

I love Robbie Downey Jr. as Ironman. Billionaire, genius, philanthropist and playboy as he aptly describes himself; he’s anything like your typical superhero. Tony Stark is a narcissistic, non-sentimental type that enjoys creating trouble and almost as much as he likes to solve them. And you can’t help but just love him.

I’ve watched all three sequels severally but the first more than others.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy

While some have likened these superheroes to bearing some resemblance to The Avengers, (and maybe there’s a tiny whimsy bit of truth in the assertion). But who cares! I love the movie anyways.

The opening sequence when Chris Pratt (Star Lord) does his dance moves is just one of my many favourite scenes. And the genetically modified creature, Badass Rocket (Bradley Cooper) is simply adorable. Aww… This is one film that ain’t leaving my collection any time soon.

  1. The Avengers

Wow! The Avengers assemble are simply awesome. Marvel just has a way of mixing all its superheroes together to give you one super tasty broth (see post Marvel’s M.O). Not to mention, adding Loki in the mix, sweetened the pot even better.

Great story, action paced and humorous, the first of The Avengers sequel is one film that I haven’t deleted from my repertoire from the first time I watched it.

  1. X-men

Professor Xavier’s band of heroes; Cyclops, Jane, Storm, Wolverine are simply the heroes of all heroes. Good luck by the way with finding a replacement for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. To top it off,  X-men also has great anti-heroes in Magneto and his side kick Raven which help make up for one ass kicking superhero film.

The first sequel and second sequel does it for me, but I think things went downhill from the third after they killed Jane and decided to go back to future. X-men: Future Days and Apocalypse just didn’t cut it at all for me.

  1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Evans killed it for me in this movie (don’t you think that he was simply made for the Captain America role *sigh*).

The film had a great cast, great villain and story. It was action packed from beginning to end. Not one dull moment. The action sequences and fight choreography was hook off, especially the ones with the Winter Soldier on and off the bridge. I find myself rewinding that part again, again every time I watch this movie. And Evans team up with Scarlet Johansson added just the right light banter with some underlying tension to leave audiences wondering if something more would bloom from it or not.

  1. Superman (Man of Steel)

Superman is the Superhero of all superheroes. The red cape, blue tight action figure should be occupying the first position by default of being my best superhero ever. But unfortunately I’ve had to relegate it to 2nd position because the reboots haven’t been so great *super sad face*

The 6:4, dark, blue eyed small town nerdy Clark Kent will always occupy a soft spot in this heart. The son of krypton is impenetrable to bullets, shoots laser beams with his eyes, and is stronger than steel. So Batman fans shouldn’t get it twisted; movies or otherwise there’s no way your Dark Knight can ever best this Superheroe.

  1. The Amazing Spiderman 2

No, 1 spot on my list goes to the geeky high school kid, Peter Parker that turns into a superhero after being bitten by a spider. But I’ll have to go with the Andrew Garfield remake. In comparison to Tobey Maguire, I think Garfield made a better spidey. His cut of the lonely, socially inadequate, tormented kid touched by tragedy, trying to find his way, felt more real to me.

Whatever the controversies that made Marvel send Garfield packing before his final sequel, his second “The Amazing Spiderman 2” remains top on my list. And yeah, yeah, a constant in my collection.

That’s my Top Ten Superhero list guys. As usual feel to contradict moi by sending in your own list. Also Jollyhood got to reward one of the winners of The Jollyhood 89thAcademy Award Competition with a trip to the cinema and threw in an extra ticket for her adorable son.

That’s Ifeoma and adorable boy having an awesome time at the cinemas. Aww…  Don’t they look cute? We keep our promises at Jollyhood!  Not to worry, there will be other opportunities to win many more goodies this year. Take care! And have a splendid week!


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      Jollyhood’s Top Ten Superhero films, please.

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    this is a more authentic list:

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    Tanks Jollyhood pictures for the awesome time @ d cinema.keep it up.we love u

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