Happy New Year everyone! It’s with great pleasure that I welcome you to 2016 guys and I’m so, so grateful that we all made it to see this beautiful New Year.  2015 was great but I totally believe that 2016 promises to be more and pray we can help each other in filling that promise. Jollyhood Pictures definitely has more for you this year. Stepping up our game with more movie news and happenings not only in Hollywood but nollyhood as well. So look forward to more info on the home front with upcoming series, movies and from our very own nollywood acts. Expect a couple of series, movies and other great stuff from Jollyhood too. Amazeballs right?! Just taking a cue from these little guys. IMG-20151231-WA0004

So what’s my stance for 2016? To always take off running. I know you probably written down a list of achievements for the new year but please don’t wait till the conditions are perfect, just start doing something. Most times our analyzing and over analyzing only slows us down and waiting for everything to fall in place before starting can almost kill the dream. I should know. I waited so long before I started blogging, feigning different excuses but the moment I started, I could only berate myself for not doing so earlier. And all the excuses that seemed so sincere back then, sounds so flimsy now. IMG-20151007-WA001Which is why I’ve made myself a promise this year that anything God lays in my heart to do; I’m taking off running IMG-20151230-WA0002with it. And I’m hoping you can join me in that promise. Perhaps we could help each other out by being accountable to one another and we could like draw up a chart or something to monitor each other’s progress, to make sure we stay on track. Not a bad idea right? Will start working on it right away. Ideas are definitely welcome people.

To quote the great Apostle PaulI focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead”. I believe that’s a solid advice for us all. Maybe we didn’t achieve all we wanted in 2015. Maybe 2015 was great, not so great or just there, it’s time to let go and embrace what lies ahead in 2016. So ready, set and go!

And to everyone that stood by Jollyhood Pictures; that encouraged and contributed towards making our dream a reality, my heartfelt thanks to you all. Looking forward to making that dream better with your support. And to kick off all the goodies Jollyhood’s got for you guys in 2016, we’ll be giving out free advert placements all through the month of January. Yay!  Yes business owners can place free adverts on Jollyhood’s blog throughout the month. You can believe it. Just send us your details and we’re go to go.  Once again Happy New Year from Jollyhood Pictures and remember don’t ever stop watching the movies? XOXO!


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