Afolayan’s Omugwo?

Happy New Month Guys! Something tells me it’s going to be a great month, so bring out that goal list and prepare to start ticking off those goals as they begin to come to pass. Be sure that I will. I have to say very big thanks to everyone that sent in comments even if it was to correct yours truly *tongue in cheek* Yeah! Yeah! Batman is for DC Comics and we’ve had some cross over between DC and Marvel characters. Do you ever wonder how swift people are to point out your mistakes. Just saying. At least I know now that you guys are reading my articles (Huge grin). So thanks all the same.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well. trending for several days now is this one of the R&B crooner, Banky W on his knees in front of Adesua Etomi. Rumour has it that they had been dating before their film collabo. Not that I knew anything about it; apparently it was a well-kept secret. But majority of naija are willingly to stake their lives that it’s no hoax and that the two are ready tie the knot for real this time.  And also that the pictures of this romantic proposal are actually a prelude to Banky and Susu’s Wedding Party and not to Mo Abudu’sThe Wedding Party 2” which was supposedly being shot in London according to the grapevine. Super sad face for all “The Wedding Party” fans.

Onto to the real matters of Jollyhood, to fulfill my promise to you guys, to review at least one Naija movie a month (which I’ll try to adhere to; no matter how much it hurts. And it does; a lot). Lol! I’ll be looking at Kunle Afolayan’sOmugwo”. Afolayan has formed a new partnership with Africa Magic to shoot three films this year and Omugwo is the first of the films to be released. The film was shot in month according to reports, unlike the director’s previous big productions of one film a year, which makes one wonder if to expect the usual brillance or…

The film directed and produced by Kunle Afolayan, stars Patience Ozonkwor, Ayo Adesanya, Ken Erics and Omuwunmi Dada, and is based on a screenplay by Kemi Adesoye. Omugwo is centered on a Igbo tradition where the grandmother of a new born spends three months with the parents taking care of the new mother and child.

In the film the two grandmothers; one, your typical village woman and the other, an uppity socialite, are forced to do this traditional rite together and in their attempt to outshine the other, their shenanigans cause a strain on the marriage of the new mother in the first stage of “Postpartum depression” and her radio presenter husband.

While Omugwo is laced with some good humour and has its moments of periodical spats of laughter, it fails to develop on its story or its characters to make it engaging enough for all audiences (trying to imagine the guys, my husband in particular, entertained or seated for the duration of this film). Huh uh?  You get the feel that the writer is trying to fill in scenes to make time fly which gives off this hap hazard, back & forth swing to the film. In summary Omugwo is “good but not great”. Not exactly what we’ve come to expect from the stables of our acclaimed director (low budget tinzs abi)? And having a pregnant woman due for labour on a construction site, female engineer or not makes little sense. Guess they wanted to show off the helicopter they got for the scene (though I never saw it land, pick up the mother to be and take off). So, it could have a random chopper on its own way. Oh my God! ROFTL! Just kidding guys! I mean how many random choppers do we get to see just like that. And as for any inconsistencies with the Omogwu process in the story; how would I know? I’ve never done the Omugwo before.

Anyway, it’s a good enough watch for the family this weekend; so check it out. You might learn a thing or two. I’ve also got something else for the family; it’s a fun daycation to Omu Resort on Democracy day, May 27th. I hear they’ve even got some plan to help you save towards the trip, like an Esusu. Great, right? Definitely worth considering. Check out the flier ad for more info.

Until next week, please do keep the comments coming in even if it’s to correct moi. Lol! Have a great weekend. Bye, bye!

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    olayide abimbola
    May 9, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    Please I want to know what OMUGWO is being called in English, i.e the English word for “OMUGWO”.
    Thank you.

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