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Happy weekend peeps! Sorry Jollyhood’s been offline for a while but moi needed time to recover from a weekend of amazing events. In case you didn’t get the memo “The Lion King” was off the hook and for all yah that missed it (sticking out my tongue at yah…lol)…just kidding.  But you did miss out on some awesome fun. Not to worry, got a whole lot more for you in 2016. To digress a bit, I’m sure most of you must have heard about the $2 billion arms deal scandal; how a group decided such a huge sum would be put to better use by serving their pockets. And our media houses weren’t left out either, the so called “conscience of the society” news people, had no qualms sharing monies which ought to have being used in protecting the lives of innocents in the north and helping our soldiers in their fight against the terrorist group, Boko Haram. Shame! Shame! Shame! That people can be so heartless as to send thousands to their graves because of their greed. Naija! Oh, Naija! God help us all

In line with that, I’ve got just the movie this weekend to get us in sync with God’s help. And the movie is…. “War Room”. Can I get a big Amen people?! “War Room” is a 2015 American Christian drama film directed and written by the Kendrick brothers, 3cvuu-Lj (1)Alex and Stephen. It’s about a seemingly perfect family that looks up to an older and wiser Christian woman to help solve their problems. It stars T.C. Stallings, Priscilla Shirer and Karen Abercrombie.

“War Room” is the Kendrick brothers’ fifth film project and their first through Kendrick Brothers Productions. The director Kendrick says ‘we called it ‘War Room’ because, like the military, we should seek God on the right strategy before going into combat.” The film was released in North American theaters on August 28, 2015 and received generally negative reviews from critics. Shocker! Like Hollywood would give a positive review to a Christian film? Anyway the film went on to become a box office success and a sleeper hit. CNN said “some might call it a faith-based David versus the secular Goliaths in the entertainment industry.’ So true! As of November 19, 2015 the film had grossed in $67.5million at North American theatres and a worldwide total of $71 million with production costs at just $3.5 million. Making “War Room” the highest grossing Kendrick brothers’ film, grossing a larger amount than any Sherwood Pictures Film. Wow! That should teach those who think Christian movies can’t break the box office.

I think the Kendrick brothers did great with the movie but felt they could have done a better job portraying the struggles Elizabeth and Tony must have faced after making the decision to accept God’s help in their marriage. war-room-movie-wallpaper-8-msBecoming a better person doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a process. You fall, pick yourself up and have a go at it again. I didn’t see that process with Elizabeth or Tony; no conflicting moments when she questioned God or her decision to stick with her husband, when she felt16b25577-6c36-4459-a9ad-c1337371f31c like giving up, lashed out in frustration at her husband wondering if he would ever change or the inner struggles they both faced as they sought to obey God. Their transition to becoming Christians, especially Elizabeth seemed way too easy without the usual struggles most people normally go through. Which I felt wasn’t realistic. And considering how most drama films can be boring (I must admit that at some point in the movie, I got bored and drifted off), the producers should have added such scenes where they questioned their faith in God and in each other for more dramatic flair to captivate and hold the audience attention.

Notwithstanding I love the message of the movie. Often times we think we’re in a warfare against people but our real enemy is the devil; the one that has come to kill, to steal and to destroy. And he’s the one influencing our so called war-room-2human enemies against us. If we Christians can understand that fact, then we can take the fight to the real culprit and enforce our God given victory over him.  Which is what is needed at this point in Nigeria, to stop complaining and get into our “War Rooms” for some combat strategy on how to defeat the real enemy promoting corruption in our society and influencing our greedy heartless leaders.  So all you “fall down and die” and “Kill all my enemies” Christians please take note and channel your energy into something more productive.

Now to the question we’ve being asking for like forever now, it appears that no one knows the title of the Yoruba nolly movie, so Jollyhood has decided to keep her freebies, at least for now.  We could change our mind later though. Until then, let’s go into our War Rooms on behalf of our beloved nation. Bye!


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