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It’s with great pleasure that I welcome you to the month of November and celebrate all the great people born in this month including moi. And I’m glad to say that it doesn’t include a certain racist republican aspirant. And while this republican’s comments were too bitter to swallow but then the truth usually is. From bad leadership and governance style of most African countries to importing matchsticks and giving us the internet, his statements were right on the American dollar. So guys before we send out the hate emails please do let’s remember that if he takes away the internet they gave us then how would Jollyhood stay in touch with her BFFs. Food for thought uh.

Enough of the political talk because this aint a political blog and on to today’s matter. Drum roll please as I announce the must watch movie for the week… no it’s not another naija movie. Thought we take a trip to the world’s biggest film industry, yeah Hollywood. And the movie is… Jurassic World. Applause! Applause! Applause!jurassic-world

Jurassic World is the fourth sequel from the Jurassic Park Franchise centering on a disastrous attempt to create a theme park of dinosaurs. The first sequel of this American Science Fiction Adventure released in 1993 was directed by Steven Spielberg and based on a novel by Michael Crichton. Universal Studios bought the rights to the novel even before it was published, can you beat that. Talk about hindsight. Other sequels, The Lost World and Jurassic Park III were released in 1997 and 2001 respectively.

The movie is about a new park, Jurassic World built on the remains of the original park on Isla Nublar. The new owners decide the need a new tourist attraction and create a new Indominus-Rex-dinosaur, Indominus Rex; a genetically modified hybrid of tyrannosaurus Rex and several other species including Velociraptor and cuttlefish (don’t you just love the dinosaur names). Basically they make a Super dinosaur with camouflage abilities; cool right. That is until our Super dinosaur escapes and it’s left to our hero Chris Jurassic-HeaderPratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) and heroine Bryce Dallas Howard to save the tourists on the Island from being served up as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Jurassic World was initially meant to be released in 2005 but was delayed for several reasons including a Writers Guild strike until June 2015. The movie has grossed in 1.6 billion dollars making it the third highest grossing film of all time. So guess the delay was worth it. And more good news people, the 5th sequel is scheduled for release on June 22, 2018.

I’ve always loved a good dinosaur movie. My favourite dinosaur would be Tyrannosaurus Rex jurassic-world-tyrannosaurus-rex-share(which you get to see at the end of the movie) and I also like the raptors too; feisty little guys. Creatures and special effects have always been my thing. So maybe I’m little biased when I say that Jurassic World is a great movie. So while some critics say Jurassic World doesn’t match the original in sheer inventiveness and impact. That while it somewhat manages to return the Jurassic Park series to the former glory, it’s still a few notches below Spielberg’s first entry. I say duh! How many sequels can compare with the first? It’s a tough challenge beating the original. Just ask all the photocopies out there or the Matrix trilogy (lips sealed). Besides who needs great dialogue or characterization when you’ve got larger than life creatures running all over your screen giving you an adrenaline rush?

So if you love great special effects and action packed creature chase with plenty of slash and gore then Jurassic World is a must watch this weekend. What are you waiting for?

Also you might want to join The Rock Xtreme for ‘Unrestrained’ Season 4 of their Special Dance Concert happening at Freedom Park, Lagos Island this Sunday, 7th of November by 5pm. And guess what; it’s absolutely free! Cheerio.

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    Afolabi Matthew
    November 6, 2015 at 8:45 pm

    Wow. Awesome review of an awesome movie. Movie was off the hook. Love the raptors and my meaniest baddest brute T.Rex (king of the pack). If I had read this review before seeing Jurassic world I would had felt super excited to see it. And before I forget, so thankful to the producers for maintaining the original theme song. Awwww it was so nice hearing that song again, it brought back memories. Thanks Jollywood. Awesome perception without bias to an awesome movie

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