The Party that didn’t End!

Get on the dancing train people! It’s TGIF and Jollyhood’s first Movie Review of 2017. Yay! And being the lovable patriotic dear I am, I’ve decided to start off this year with a naija movie. Guess… Right the dollar guys! If you guessed that’s it’s the naija movie currently on everyone’s lips. Yeah, it’s no other than Mo Abudu’s “The Wedding Party”. Why do I keep typing “Wedding Planner”. Wonder why I keep confusing the two. Hmm… The movie made a lot of waves last year into this year with several days of sold out tickets. So we must do our jobs by finding out what the fuss is all about.

The Wedding Party is a 2016 romantic comedy drama directed by Kemi Adetiba.  and produced by The ELFIKE Film Collective, a partnership of moviemakers in Nigeria: EbonyLife Films, FilmOne Distribution, Inkblot Productions and Koga Studios. It stars RMD, Adesua Etomi, Shola Shobowale, Alibaba (yeah, the comedian) and Banky Wellington (The one & only Banky W. It seems he’s decided to follow in his colleague’s footsteps by throwing his hat in the acting ring). The movies is centered on the drama that goes on while planning the wedding of a young lady from a not so cultured rich family to this dude from a wealthy upper echelon family.

The film was premiered in Toronto on 8 September 2016 at TIFF Toronto and even with the great reviews it failed to get a foreign distributor. Sources say Mo wasn’t fazzed because she had her eye on the emerging naija Christmas markets. It went on to premiere in Lagos on 26 November 2016 at Eko Hotel and Suites and started showing at Nigerian cinemas in from 16 December 2016. And Mo’s gambit appeared to have paid off with reports that the film generated #200million in 16 days against a budget of #60million. And reports is all it is, since no one can say otherwise considering all the figures came from Mo’s social media handles and Filmone. Hence my beef with naija productions, it’s quite difficult to verify any production/box office figures. Can’t figure out for the life of me why the whole secrecy.

Finally, I decide to go see the movie, that is after several hours of trying to convince my hubby & his friends that it really is worth seeing. They’re of the minds that watching a naija film at the cinema is a waste of hard earned money. Harsh but true sometimes. I finally convince them and while waiting for our time slot, as I watched my naija people troop in & out from seeing the movie or about to, all that kept running through my mind at that moment was the thought that the huge turnout meant the film was interesting and people weren’t watching it based on some foolish, sentimental and biased notions that make my naija people do things at times. I prayed all through the wait that I wouldn’t be put to shame (literally) by insisting on seeing the film. Lol!

And thankfully I wasn’t but rather I put hubby & friends to shame. To quote them “it was the best naija movie they had watched in a while and they would love to watch more Naija if produced in a similar fashion”. I couldn’t have put it better. I remember wondering how the producers were going to hold our attention for over an hour and 30mins with some wedding party without boring us to sleep. But they didn’t and managed not to do so quite well too. The comedy was simply hilarious and wasn’t forced as with our usual naija slapstick stuff. Hubby & friends are still laughing till date. (The party didn’t end after the movie for them). Now thats saying something. Also the underlying issues of betrayal, infidelity, insecurity, financial challenges were perfectly played out without distracting from the main plot. And Shola Shobowale simply killed it for me. Her portrayal of a rich uncultured Yoruba woman was right on point. I love her! Banky W didn’t do badly too with his foray into the acting industry. And with Adesua being the hottest thing since Genevieve and Omotola also helped the casting immensely.

I looked for something negative to say about the film and I’m sorry to inform all you haters that I couldn’t find any. At least for now. Lol! In all “The Wedding Party was engaging and pure fun“. Congrats Mo! I guess it just proves that Nigerians are more of the comedy type and producers don’t really need dirty sex scenes to sell a movie *lips sealed*.

There it is guys; Jollyhood’s take. It’s a must watch! So everyone go see it. That’s an order! The Jollyhood’s 89th Academy Awards Competition is on and you can’t afford not to be part of it, with so many goodies to be won. Voting starts next Tuesday. Until then, have an awesome weekend. XoXo!


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