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It’s another beautiful yet insanely hot week. I can picture my niece the last time she was in the country groaning as she complained “Mummy, it’s so hot.” (Hot pronounced with an American accent). Wonder what she’ll say if she was in the country right now because “hot” can’t begin to describe the intensity of the heat we’re experiencing at the moment (don’t even want to begin to imagine what it must feel like in the north). It’s almost like the weather is reacting to the current economic pressures in the country. God help us! So I’m looking forward to loads of rainfall, definitely less heat, a country that runs on exports not imports, that relies on other sources not just crude oil for it’s income and where the dollar rates doesn’t hold us hostage. Anyways I’m glad that despite the heat conditions Jollyhood was able to put a smile on someone’s face.


Our Winner, Vera Chikizie Oke with her beautiful baby at the cinema to see the movie ‘Couple of Days’.

I’m also looking forward to the latest release from DC ComicsBatman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’. Saw the preview and it looked “hot”… the word again! Lol. But in a good way this time. The plot of the batman_v_superman___dawn_of_justice__poster_by_goxiii-d9573x8movie sees Batman taking on Superman because he’s afraid of what the latter could do if left unchecked. Seriously? Batman take on Superman? Hmmm… I had this…don’t want to call it an argument, so let’s go for artistic difference about Batman battling Superman with some of my teenagers. And they were of the opinion that Batman could actually beat the Man of Steel (guess they forgot why he’s called Man of Steel for a reason). I mean how does a hero without super powers (Batman) fight a hero with super powers? Guess that’s the difference between heroes andbatman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice superheroes. But some people are of the view that Batman is “super intelligent” and Superman’s slightly naive and more trusting so that makes him a prey for some cunning villains. Well naivety or not, I still find it difficult to believe that Batman (a human) can take down someone who bullets bounce off and is almost invulnerable except for the kryptonite part, which I really don’t see making much a difference in a fight. So can’t wait to see how that plays out. Before then I would like to hear what you guys think? “Batman vs Superman”, who comes out on top?

I’m interested in what the latest film means for DC Comics.  The last Superman sequel and first installment of DC Extended Universe ‘Man of Steel’  (2013) though a financial success with a worldwide total of $668 million against a budget of $225 million from box office sales making it the second-highest-reboot of all time received mixed reviews ea_manofsteel_posterfrom critics. With a rating of 56% on Rotten Tomatoes and an average rating of 6.2/10, while some critics thought the sequel deserved the title of “THE iconic Superman movie for a whole new generation and praised the action sequences and the performances of Costner, Russellmanofsteel1 and Shannon. Others felt Cavil was too stiff and lacked the charisma of his predecessors and all the film had to offer was underdeveloped characters, supercharged destructive fight scenes and no real special effects creativity. Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that DC Extended Universe second installment does better than the first in both financial and critical reviews. Release date is March 25 in the States, something else for us to look forward to.

And what else can Jollyhood’s readers look forward to? To a new segment called “Jollyhood’s Cinematic Experience”. We plan to visit all the cinemas…not in the world, (smile) though we look forward to doing that soon but let’s just stick to Lagos and niaja for now. The goal of which is to help you decide which cinemas you should visit on the weekends without having to check out those pesky details yourselves. Aww… we’re too much right. Don’t mention! For us at Jollyhood it’s all about helping your movie experience.  Also the Jollyhood’s 88th Academy Awards Competition is still on, so go the link http://plus.allforms.mailjol.net/u/d242493c.php and make your Oscar predictions for some fab prizes. Don’t stop watching the movies folks! XoXo!

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