Island Christmas

A couple of days ago some friends and I took a drive to the Island at night and I was wowed. If you havn’t been to Ajose Adeogun then you need to like pronto. The christmas decor on that street is just awesome for want of a better word to use. I remember telling my friend that I felt like I was in New York; it is really that good. So I must say kudos to Zenith bank for such a splendid job. I mean I saw people park their cars and get down just to record the christmas wonder. We then drove down to Falomo roundabout which was also beautifully decorated; kudos also to Fidelity bank. Wish more companies will get off their rich lazy backsides and actually do some real corporate social responsibility like these two have done. Anyways we drove back home through well lighted Island roads and immediately we turned into costain road was plunged into darkness all the way through Orile, Mile two to Amuwo Odofin; not one single street light was on. When I asked why, my answered that more taxes are collected on the Island hence the show of government amenities there. So my deepest condolences to those of you who live elsewhere. Still in the christmas mood, hope you notice that I now spell in full and no more xtmas. I have been duly chastised. Can’t X Christ from the word Christmas. He is d reason for the season after all. And no happy holidays either. It’s a Merry Christmas and that’s all….ww.thatsall…. Hahaha

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