GOT 7: Spectacular or What?

Halo! Halo! Halo! It’s turning out to be another beautiful week with the only snag being a pause on the most spectacular series of all time. Yeah, GOT. Bummer! Bummer! Bummer! I in particular have an axe to grind with the studio for giving us just 7 episodes this season as opposed to the usual 10. And if they think that I’m going to forgive that just because they spent more money shooting this Season 7 in comparison to the previous seasons and showed us dragons in every episode of this Season ; they can think again.

Anyway, though the season was short we’ve had awesome moments like dragon battles with both humans and Wight walkers, spectacular deaths; like Littlefinger being ghosted by the Stark siblings. I did see it coming immediately he started sowing seeds of discord between the  Sansa and Arya. Something he’a supposed brilliant at. The whole battle of the Five Kings started because of his scheming and lies. Remember my prophecy that he would get his throat slit by the same Valyrian dagger he gave to Bran (See post GOT: First Half’s Reign of Fire & Blood). Just didn’t think that he would make that easy for them.

It would appear yours truly is getting a hang of the prediction stuff but I think I’ll hold on to the Spoiler Alerts for now… until I finish reading the book, that is. Huge grin. This season also seems to have more plot gaffs than others according to some critics, the reason being the rush to fit in so many details into 7 episodes (like I said they should have stuck with 10).

I think the rushed story telling was most glaring in episode 6 “Beyond the Wall”. And I’ve taken my sweet time to write down the most “unbelievable” of the series of events that made my brain go into overdrive as I tried to figure out “how?”

  1. Why did Jon choose Gendry, someone who had never been beyond the wall or seen snow before, to run back to EastWatch to let the others know he and merry band of men were in trouble???


  1. Why did the Night King pass over the Drogon seated close by, carrying Daenerys and Jon’s crew to throw some ice javelin at one of the dragons flying in the sky? Isn’t a bird in hand worth two in the sky?

  1. I suppose that’s why the Night King spend the whole night watching the men on their mini Ice Island rather than finish them off. He must have had a vision that Gendry would make it to Eastwatch, send a raven to Daenerys, who would bring him dragons, one of which he could then convert to his own zombie dragon, right? 
  1. Who went down into the icy water to tie those huge industrial size chains around the dragon to pull it out; I thought Wights couldn’t swim. Or isn’t that the reason they couldn’t get to get to Jon and the others on the mini Ice Island they were on?
  1. And how on earth did the Night King and his army make those chains? Do they have a factory somewhere where they manufacture industrial size chains and did they carry the chains along with them on their march to the wall hoping to capture a dragon???

  1. The most ridiculous, unbelievable brain racking scene of all would be Jon battling wights instead of just getting on Drogon. Lol! I would have given him a big smack on the back of the head, if I didn’t think him so adorable. Then we get Uncle Benjy miraculously show up to give him a horsey to ride to safety. Awww… ROFTL!

Granted the ill-conceived plan to capture a Wight was idiotic to start with. I mean did the smart, sharp-witted Tyrion actually think that showing the murderous Cersei a Wight would make her join the battle against the army of the dead. Seriously people? I guess they needed to find some way to give the Night King a dragon. Did you think he and his army were just going to magically scale the wall into the Northern territory? Duh! Notwithstanding the show-runners could have done a lot better in making some “unbelievable” events a little bit more believable.

It’s become clear that the main character at the centre of it all in the battle for the  Iron Throne is  Jon Snow; the supposed bastard son of Ned Stark and crowned King of the North. (Isn’t it ironic that the North picked a hated Targaryen as their King?) And while some people think the “Fire & Ice” theme refers to Daenerys and him, some are convinced it’s all about him; being a Targaryen and of House Stark. Extra bummer for all you would be Jon groupies that wanted to go to Winterfell with him, seeing he’s now hooked up with his aunt. Ewww! I think one incestuous relationship on the show is all I can take. And I’m also going to need someone to explain the nephew/aunt relationship of Jon and Daenerys to me. Whatever, it’s clear now more than ever why she has to die! Lol! Sorry, Dany fans.

One more thing, if Tyrion is the Mad King’s son, how can Jon be the heir to the throne? Was that a spoiler alert? Thought y’all knew that by now. Anyways, even with the season’s supposed gaffs, less deaths of major casts and almost getting turned into a cliché fantasy/adventure film, GOT 7 still lived up expectations. It’s going to be so hard waiting a whole year for the concluding part after everything that has been revealed; Jon’s true parentage, Jamie’s break from Cersei, Jorah’s budding jealousy, Tyrion’s growing resentment, and with the Great Wall finally coming down. Hearing some speculations about GOT 8 being released in 2019. Hope it remains just that; speculations.

But in the meantime, we can console ourselves with Season 2 of the HBO  series “Westworld”.  Season 1 ended with some much questions as to which direction 2 would take. I guess we’ll talk about that soon. Until Friday peeps, cheerios!

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