GOT: First half’s Reign of Blood & Fire.

Happy New Month guys! Can you believe that we’re in the 7th month of the year already and have only got 5 more months to go. I know some of you are probably apprehensive by now as it slowly sinks in that your 2017 goals are only half way done or you haven’t even gotten around to achieving much to speak of. I know I was…

But then I realized that you didn’t need the whole 12 months to make that heart burning dream a reality; situations can change within a split second. Something about your captivity turning around while you sleep, right? So, no fears people. Just keep at it and you’ll be surprised at what you can make happen the remaining months of the year. I know I will.

Enough pep talk and back to the thing we love the most at Jollyhood. We’re done with the first part of GOT 7 and to rate it, I have to say “intense”. Speaking of which, I kind of feel bad for HBO with the leaked episode 4 stuff. I mean apart from the 90 million illegal viewing rackets, they’ve also got leaked episodes to deal with. Online pirates pleaseeeee give them a break.  It’s not fair after the studio has given us such an awesome series.

Anyway, episode 4 “The Spoils of Battle” takes the cake with all the Season 7 episodes so far. And my best scene of all the episodes has got to be the battle between the Lannisters and the Drothraki, with one huge dragon called Drogon. The Lannister army are ambushed on their way to King’s Landing after looting the treasury of Highgarden. The dragon bathed Jamie’s men in fire, while they were cut down by the Dothraki horde.  It was a bloody reign of fire. It was spectacular. Not so much as “The Battle of the Bastards” in Season 6 but it came close. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Daenerys dragons in action since Season 1 and I’m glad to say even with one dragon, it was awesome.

Not so much for the Lannister army though. It was more of a slaughter than a battle. I almost felt sorry for them. Then I think about the evil Cersei and don’t. Her revenge on the Dannish queen was just wicked (British accent). Absolutely wicked! It looks like Tyrion maybe regretting his role as he watches his father’s men being consumed by dragon fire. I mean if one dragon could cause this much mayhem, think of the chaos three dragons would create. I’m thinking about and have to say I would love to see that. Wicked of me but it will definitely be something to watch? Tongue in cheek.

Well, Tyrion needs to get over himself. His clever strategies weren’t working and Daenerys needed to show the Seven Kingdoms that she’s a dragon, not a sheep. Thinking she might have some villainous bone locked away inside of her after all. (But she looked all shades of awesome flying on top of Drogon). I had one nerve racking moment when I thought Bronn was going to kill our dragon. Thank God that the wound wasn’t fatal. Showrunners pleaseeeeee keep our dragons safe… for now.  At least Tyrion can take comfort in that his brother, the Kingslayer survived. Hopefully. Beside he isn’t even a Lannister to start with.


Jon and Sir Davos arrive at Dragonstone and he finally has an audience with Daenerys.  Even if most of their conversation was a contention over him swearing allegiance to her and Jon indirectly telling her to take a hike. But I thought they had a moment or moments, or maybe it’s just my overactive imagination. I mean they’re cousins, more or less. So, they can’t get together now, can they? Besides, all she seems to be interested in was getting him to “bend the knee”. “Just bend the knee, Jon”. “Will you bend, Jon?” Lol!


At Winterfell, my second favourite but most formidable Stark, Arya is reunited with her siblings, Sansa and Bran. Except Bran isn’t exactly Bran anymore (The old Gods now reside in him and all that mumbo jumbo).

Wonder if he’ll tell his sisters about the role Littlefinger played in their father’s death and maybe Arya the girl is no one” adds him to her kill list and despatches of him with the same Valyrian steel dagger Littlefinger gave to not exactly Brandon Stark. That would be cool right. Really loving Arya Stark. Me thinks Sansa might be a little envious of her little sister after watching her train with Brienne. Hmm?


We also see Sam’s treatment worked and now Jorah is headed back to his beloved Mother of Dragons. And I wonder if the Iron Bank will still back Cersei after the decimation of her army by Daenerys.  In all the first half of GOT 7 has been pretty intense, spectacular and plenty of awesome. Can’t wait for the concluding half. Don’t forget to send me your spoilers, comments and all about GOT 7.

And you can also join me on the 18-19th August, 2017, for a trip to Kajuru Castle in Kaduna State with Waka With Debbie. Yeah, we’ve got castles in Naija.  I just found out as well. Lol! Trust me! It’s going to be great fun. Just call 08064517414 for more info. Until Friday guys, do have a beautiful week. Bye!


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    August 9, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    lovely write up Jollyhood,.GOT 7 got me on my toes, can’t wait to see the fall of cersie. my best character Arya is amazing, looking forward to her reunion with Jon

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