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Hi folks! Just as promised today’s focus is on the most watched series for now Game of Thrones Season 7. But I decided to move it up to Sunday as opposed to Tuesday so we GOT fans can finish our gist before the next episode. Heard you guys have to stay up till 2am to watch it live. Thanks but no thanks. Save the live streaming. I’ll wait until I’m wide awake to enjoy it.

Reports have it that the first episode of Game of Thrones season 7 was a huge success, and has been watched through official channels more than 16 million times since its debut last Sunday — the most for any series premiere in HBO’s history. Hardly any surprise there. GOT fans have been anticipating the seventh season of the fantasy drama television series since Season 6 ended last year! I was expecting some kind of internet or satellite crash when the series premiered on July 16, due the number of viewers that would want to watch it live.

We’re glad that didn’t happen, because GOT 7:1 titled “Dragonstone” opened with a bang! At the TwinsArya Stark finishes off the remaining lords of House Frey. She sets up her own “red wedding”. Except this time as opposed to four Starks who died in the first, she fatally poisons almost all the Freys in her version. Her parting remake as she leaves “If anybody asks you what happened here. Tell them winter came for House Frey”. You just have to love her. She’s proving to be the toughest of the Starks. Spoiler Alert– I hear she’s going to command an army of dire wolves later on. How badass! Now she’s headed for Westeros to deal Cersei the same fate as the Freys. Good luck with that.

Then we see Jon and Sansa disagree openly in front of all the Lords of the North. Guess Sansa thinks she’s all tough and wise now having survived Cersei and Ramsey Bolton. Not to mention “little finger” whispering in her ear. Hmm? Anyways Jon handles the matter with his usual grace and secures the loyalties of Houses Umber and Karstark. One up Jon Snow! Just worried about what might happen to him, seeing that nice guys more often than not end up dead.

In King’s LandingCersei has crowned herself queen and is calm and collected as ever. Jaime wonders why, considering they’ve lost most of their family (including three incestuous children), have no allies and face the threat of invasion from all around. Which makes one wonder why she declined the offer of marriage from Euron Greyjoy, in exchange for his Iron Fleet and the opportunity to kill his treacherous nephew and niece. I’m definitely scared and apprehensive as to her plans after watching her finish her off some of her enemies in Season 6 finale. Even if you hate her, you’ve got to respect that she’s one brilliant strategist.  Pleaseeeee showrunners no killing her until season 8 finale.

The “Mother of DragonsDaenerys Stormborn arrives at Dragonstone, the home of House Targaryen once occupied by Stannis, with her army, trusted council and dragons. I was secretly hoping that she and Jon would get together and finish off the evil Cersei. They would have made a striking couple with his dark looks and she being so fair. Aww… That was before I found that they were related. Bummer!

I’m still rooting for her, anyways. Even if she did die in the book. Pinggggg! Spoiler Alert! Lol! Yeah, I’ve got more. The three dragons will be split between the remaining living Targaryens; Daenerys, Jon and Thyrion (the dwarf). You didn’t know he was a Targaryen! How else did you think he was able to unchain the dragons in the dungeon; with his wit? *Straight face*

I don’t want to talk about Samwell’s disgusting job in the Citadel. But it did pay off when he discovered the location of a large reservoir of dragonglass (the weapon that can kill the army of White Walkers, the army of the dead) who still march on towards the Wall to finish off mankind. Apart from the battle of the dragons with the Lannisters, the one with the White Walkers and humans promises to be just as epic.

Another spoiler alert– In case you don’t already know, Brandon Stark holds the key to killing off the army of the dead; him being the “Old Gods” and the “Night King” in flesh reincarnation sort of. I also hear that there are ice dragons in addition to the fire breathing ones. And whichever army (dead or living) that finds them first, will win the war. OK. I’ll stop with the spoilers… for now.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the seventh season has a 97 percent approval rating. The season also received a 95% episode average score on Rotten Tomatoes, the site’s consensus reading “After a year-long wait, Game of Thrones roars back with powerful storytelling and a focused interest in its central characters — particularly the female ones.”

I concur. GOT 7:1 thrilled and seized our attention under the powerful directing of Jeremy Podeswa and the series talented showrunners.  A pity though that  poor GOT fans will only get to see seven episodes when it concludes six weeks after on August 27. Unlike with previous seasons that consisted of ten episodes each. Supersad face.

It was also announced that this season will largely consist of original content not found in George R. R. Martin‘s A Song of Ice and Fire series, and will adapt material Martin revealed to showrunners about the upcoming novels in the series. Hah! Serves you right, all you “Spoiler alerts” fans. Thinking that because you’ve read book, that gives you the right to spoil the series for the rest of us. Does that includes moi too? Lol!

On the downside reports have it that GOT TV series is being pirated heavily, regularly appearing at the top of “most-pirated” lists measuring illegal downloads in any given year. According to the piracy analysis company MUSO, GOT 7:1 was illegally viewed over 90 million times across the globe. This is nearly six times the official view count, which includes illegal streaming, torrenting, and direct downloads. Whoa!

Most of the illegal views are said to be from the United States (15.1 million), UK (6.2 million), Germany (4.9 million), India (4.3 million), and Indonesia (4.3 million). Glad to see my beloved Naija isn’t on that naughty list because HBO has sent out warnings to the “pirates” to amend their ways. Which is only fair so the studio can make their dough back and keep on showing us such a great series, right?

Still so much to say but so little time or space in my case. Don’t forget GOT fans to send me your take on this season; predictions, Spoiler alerts, the whole works. Have a great week guys! Toddles!


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