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Yippee! I’m an auntie again. Got another nephew on Wednesday. That’s six now counting. It’s almost like my in-laws are striving to correct the supposed high ratio of girls to boys. I’m just glad that both mother and child are alive and healthy. So congrats Mr. and Mrs. Ifeanyi Emeaghara on the birth of your baby boy. And on Thursday my big sis, Aunty Uzo aka Scillaci was a year older. I want to say HBD to a truly lovely and sweet spirited lady and decree that it’s definitely your turn to enjoy any good thing your heart desires. Amen!

This week our “must watch” is another Naija movie and it’s…. ‘Couple of Days’. Yah! I thought it was time we aired our views about this Naija movie and not just because we gave out tickets of the movie to the lucky winner of our quiz (see Posts “This Val, Statham or Skrein, Looking Forward to…”)‪+234 802 304 3878‬ 20160201_175156

‘Couple of Days’ is a 2015 romantic drama film directed by Tolu Awobiyi aka Lord Tanner and producer by Ayo Orunmuyi. It stars Enyinna Nwigwe, Lilian Esoro, Adesua Etomi, Ademola Adedoyin, Kiki Omeili and Okey Uzoeshi with Falz, the Badh guy. The film was basically shot in Ibadan with awesome tourists spots and locations (what I wouldn’t give to have a country home like Jude’s). And it has been nominated for Best Cinematography Award by AMCVA.

The nomination in my opinion was well deserved. I thought the picture quality and filming was great, though I’ve been warned to stop saying that, because those qualities 1abacde.pngshould be a1aba.png given in any film. While I agree, I also realize it’s not the case with Nollywood for now, where 8 out of ten films are poorly shot with terrible visual, sound and audio quality so we still have to commend the producers that put in the extra effort to get it right. Box office info is that ‘Couple of Days’ achieved the highest ticket sales in one day for any Nollywood movie in the Cinema this February and has set a new sales record for the month. Not bad right?

Moving on to Critical Reviews, married couples are calling the movie “the boldest” and “best Nollywood” movie on relationships and marriage. And I totally agree. Couple of Days’ is a well scripted movie on an emotional subject with good twists, acted by a great cast. I even felt moved to tears at some point (I can’t remember when or if any Nigerian movie has ever moved me to tears). I could see the lady seated beside me crying and sense others were as well. And the message of the movie “people don’t fall out of love, they fall out of forgiveness”. So true! The ability to forgive when your spouse doesn’t ask for it or even know they need forgiveness is a tough sell but one every marriage must imbibe to survive.

Although my initial fears had to do with thinking I would be watching a naija version of the film ‘Why did I get Married to’ (three couples on a romantic getaway) and I wondered how a cast of six people would keep us entertained without the story becoming one long boring monotonous drag. But I’m glad to say it wasn’t the case. Though the plot was similar ‘Couple of Days’ was able to tell its own story with well-rounded and developed characters; from Jude, the couple-of-days.jpgcharming workaholic to loud and talkative Joke. Rarely do you see well rounded enjoyable characters in a naija movie. And the writer was able keep the dialogue and scenes lively. You could feel the camaraderie and ease between the couples; it didn’t feel forced. Also impressive too was the play of dirty jokes and innuendos conversant with married couples gist without the dialogue becoming crude and offensive, and the way they passed the message that the “newlyweds” still had the “hots” for each without assaulting our eyes with graphic sex scenes unlike some movies (Aha! How’s that for professionalism all you morally decadent Hollywood wannabes)

One of the low points of the movie would be the accident scene; felt it was inadequate with the flashing lights and screeching brakes (naija directors most times shoot accidents scenes by having the DOP shake the cameras. Lol.) It would have just sufficed to receive a call the next day that there had been an accident if the director couldn’t shot a convincing accident scene. Another was the appearance of the ghostly figure at the end of the movie. Wonder what they were trying to say with that?  And I didn’t find Falz scenes much of a comic relief; could have done without them in the movie. But in all it was a great effort. Kudos to Lord Tanner. And it’s a  must watch  for everyone?

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    Emeaghara Uzoamaka
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    Jollyhood Pictures sure knows how to whet one’s appetite now I am “compelled” to watch even just to satisfy my curiosity before I eat it.
    Kudos Jollyhood Pictures

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