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I want to use this opportunity to celebrate all the great people born in the month of Januarywp-1454065993577.jpeg which includes my late bro, Pst Peter Emeaghara; my mentor, my friend and father. I miss you like kilode and though sometimes it hurts so much, I take solace from knowing you’re in a better place and we will meet again. And my Papa in the Lord, Pst Kingsley Okonkwo. Thank you Sir for showing me I could live my dreams and teaching me how to make them a reality. Happy Birthday y’all.

For this weekend’s movie, I felt it was time we watched the movie that’s got the whole Hollywood’s agog. With three Golden Globes and 12 Academy awards nominations, it’s none other than Leonardio DiCaprio’sThe Revenant”.


The Revenant is a 2015 American epic Western adventure film directed and written by Alejandro G. Iñárritu and Mark L. Smith. Based in part on Michael Punke’s The Revenant, the film is inspired by the experiences of frontiersman and fur trapper Hugh Glass in 1823 Montana and South Dakota. It stars Leonardio DiCaprio (Hugh Glass), Tom Hardy “Mad Max” (Fitzgerald), Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter. The Revenant” is the second collaboration between DiCaprio and Hardy, following “Inception”. The word “Revenant” actually means someone that returned from the dead. A befitting title but grossly understated when compared with DiCaprio’s (Glass) experience in the film.

The-Revenant-1-1200x716Development for the movie began in August 2001, when producer Akiva Goldsman purchased Punke’s manuscript. Iñárritu signed on to direct in August 2011, but delays due to other projects and problems with location and crew delayed it from May to August 2015. The film had a limited release in the United States on December 25, 2015, making it eligible for the 88th Academy Awards, before being released nationwide on January 8, 2016. As of January 25, 2016, “The Revenant” has grossed $120.7 million in North America and $104.3 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $225 million, against a budget of $135 million.

The film was well received by critics who praised DiCaprio and Hardy’s performances, Iñárritu’s direction and Lubezki’s cinematography.  With 12 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (DiCaprio) and Best Supporting Actor (Hardy), some critics felt while it had an imposing vision, it was an inflated and emotionally stunted one. But generally most praised DiCaprio’s acting calling it an anchoring performance with a ferocious 200% commitment. how-that-infamous-bear-attack-scene-in-the-revenant-was-made-and-other-secrets-of-the-movie-revealed

I couldn’t agree more. I mean I heard DiCaprio killed a bear and got a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination, as if that’s the criterion for getting an award. What no one told me was that I had to watch a vicious grizzly mother bear protecting her cubs use him as a chew toy, watch him get mauled over and over and over again.  I went through different stages of emotions; I was both fascinated yet repelled at the same time, The-Revenant (1)horrified and sick to my stomach but I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. It was downright awful! My mother-in-law almost had a heart attack. Lol. Please don’t watch this movie with the old folks, Hollywood’s that good that they won’t be able to tell what’s real or not. The film tricks like my naija people would say. The-RevenantThen I had to watch him lying down, helpless, writhing in pain while his son got stabbed without being able to scream for help; I could almost taste his anguish and frustration. DiCaprio gave everything and more in the movie. Abeg the guy deserved the Golden Globe, an Oscar and any other awards you want to throw into the mix. And Will Smith’s Concussion” doesn’t even come close…no offense Will. As for the director, filming in that location with the snow, ice and water couldn’t revenant2015have been easy but Iñárritu pulled it off perfectly. And the effects were crazy; apart from the bear attack (someone needs to explain to me how they pull off such stunts), I watched DiCaprio drink water and blood spill from a gaping wound in his throat, empty a horses bowel, enter the horse and wrap it round himself like a blanket. I can hear the ladies go eww while the guys are like whoa! Lol. Though I’m not a fan of violence and gore, the movie had enough plot coupled with the effects, cinematography and great acting to make it a must watch. And I have a feeling it’s going to fall into the category of disturbing movies that you won’t be able to get out of your head for long time after watching it.

That’s it guys for this weekend. Thinking we should spend next week looking at the Oscar nominations (too many controversies surrounding that one). Until then, do have great weekend and remember don’t stop watching the movies! XOXO!


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    Yemisi Moweta
    February 8, 2016 at 4:32 am

    I miss my kid brother so much it hurts, especially when I need someone to stand up for me and defend me. I always prayed that I will never outlive any of my siblings. I knew the pain will be hard to bear. I take solace in the fact that he lived a truly admirable life, leaving a legacy for the generation to come.
    My beloved brother, I will always love you.

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