Feel The Mundo!?

Hi! And welcome back! I suppose you should be saying that to me. So sorry for falling off the grid again, but it was all for your good guys. Yeah, I know I always say that but it’s because it’s true. Apart from the movies, the other thing we live for at Jollyhood is for our readers. Awww… cross my heart and it keeps on beating *tongue in cheek*


So, what has moi been up to? Been on a production set. I spent some time on a movie set, doing some behind the scenes work during the shooting of a film co-written by yours truly. I believe the quote above summarizes my experience. It was hard grueling work but fun at the same time. I just felt right at home. But I’m glad I choose behind the scenes work and not acting. Don’t think I would have been able to cope. And y’all can count on us that we put together the best movie for your entertainment pleasure. Not gonna say more for now, you just have to wait until the movie is out. Be assured that you’ve got something to look forward to before the end of the year, amidst other goodies from Jollyhood.


It’s time that we talked about the latest fad in television entertainment, The Telemundos; Feel the Mundo! Lol! Just Kidding. But shouldn’t it follow that “mundo” should mean passion. Anyways the Nigerian girl, lady or woman has become an ardent follower of the “mundo” series. A guy once commented that “you should count yourself lucky if you don’t have sisters, wives or mothers that are “mundo” fans in your house”. Hahaha! I don’t know about that. I guess that would be because the ladies want the “mundo” channel while the guys are always about “Super Sports”. My advice brothers is to try out one “mundo series”. You never can tell, you might end up an ardent follower too. I know a couple of guys like that *shudder*



Lol! Don’t get wrong, I may not be a huge fan but there are a couple of “mundo” series that I’ve followed like “The Face Of Destiny, Husband For Hire and Cruel Love”. They’re not so bad, just… very cheesy. It’s always the same tale about “an everlasting love” that survives despite the odds, which is often a conniving other woman or family that wants to break apart the “fated duo”. You get my drift. Cheesy! So, I only watch the ones that are “out of the box” and a touch more creative like the ones I mentioned above and most recently “If Only I Were You”. The one about the twins switching places.


But I will definitely pick the “mundos” any day over the Indian series. What’s it called again? Zee World. Definitely a no, no. I think the only Zee Series I ever followed was “Married Again”. The one about Yash. Wonder if I got the spelling right. My friends always laugh when I pronounce it, so why should writing it be any different. A friend got me hooked on the series, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why I watched it till the end. Guess it has to do with finishing something once you get started.


Got no beef with the Zee Series, I just don’t get the culture of the people and please don’t get me started on their filming technique. I mean someone says something and they have to get reactions from the other twenty people in the room in slow motion mode. It’s just so frustrating!  You can be sure no one’s getting me hooked on another Zee Series for a very, very, very long time. Don’t even know what channel it is on DSTV. Hah!

I suppose the ardent followers are still going to continue “feeling the mundo” and will stick to their Zee World, regardless of what I say. As it should be. Who says you have to listen to Jollyhood all the time. Most of the time will do just fine *wink*.

As usual, I had fun gisting with you guys, catch me on Friday for Movie Review (we do have a lot of catching up to do in that area). Until then peeps, take care and a lovely ahead. Bye!

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