You hear some noise and it sounds like it’s coming from the closet. You slowly head that way to check it out. Ominous music starts to play, da da da. And I’m wondering all the while why in heaven’s name are you heading towards the closet instead of running out of the house, the town or the state if need be. But you still make your way towards the closet, you open it and…. the rest is history. Something jumps out and takes off your head or that part of you that’s most desirable.  I know it sounds funny now, but trust me it isn’t when you’re seating at the edge of your seat wondering who’s going to get offed next in the most remarkable, scariest and bloodiest way. I now understand why my naija doesn’t make horror movies since the black man’s inclination would be to run away from danger not to investigate it, just ask our police force.

Some people say horror flicks aren’t for the faint hearted, that may be true. But has you may have guessed yours truly isn’t faint hearted; I loves the horror flicks. Not the “Cabin in the Woods” or “Chainsaw Killer” nonsense but the spine chilling, neck rising stuff. Weird right? Don’t know but the supernatural intrigues me; werewolves, vampires, exorcists, you know the good stuff (lol).  It may scare the jeepers out of me while watching but I console myself with the thought that it isn’t real, it’s just make believe and the funny dreams you have afterwards are just the perks of watching the movie. Anyways I want to share with those of you that aren’t faint hearted but have got guts like moi, my most terrifying horror films of all time:

images-nightmare-on-elm-street-1984-vs-2010-nightmare-on-elm-jpeg-94579A Nightmare on Elm Street or Freddy Krueger as popularly called. The serial killer Freddy Krueger stalks a mid-western neighbourhood, bringing terror and death to teenagers. Featuring a young Johnny Depp the movie released in 1984 spread fear across America… and my home too! No matter how tired you were after watching the movie you didn’t want to go to sleep and rightly so. Who wants to sleep when you’re dead scared that some monster is going to come for you in your dreams?


ring12Next up is The Ring. The movie released in 2002 is the first of Japanese horror films remade for English speaking audiences. The movie involves a haunted video tape which threatens to kill anyone who does not show it to someone else within seven days of watching it. Producers of the movie released the same video to viewers just before samara_emergesthe movie’s release sending terrified people to the cinemas to watch the movie when it was released. Can you beat that? Some marketing gimmick. The most terrifying scenes for me would be whenever the figure of the young girl who was imprisoned in a well, climbs out of the television screen.

The-Grudge-movie-poster (1)Also joining the list is “The Grudge”.  Following the success of “The Ring”, American horror makers remade another Japanese film in 2004 titled “The Grudge”. It would seem the Japanese have some secret recipe for cooking up horror flicks. The film is based on the theory that when a person dies in a violent circumstance, a curse is born that transfers to another living person and then causes their untimely death. The sequels, The Grudge II and III  were equally as terrifying. I should know! I haven’t been able to get out of my head the image of the cold dead white face of the vengeful spirit when it attacks its victims… (shudder)

candyman1My next horrifying movie is “Candyman”, a 1992 American horror movie story of a graduate student completing a thesis on “Urban Legends” that encounters the legend of “Candyman”, an artist and son of a slave who had his hand severed and was murdered. Critics applauded “Candyman” for scaring audience with ideas and gore, instead of just with gore. The Urban Legend goes that if you say the name “Candyman” five times while looking into a mirror, you release a vengeful Candyman who will mutilate and kill people around you. Sounds stupid I know! But I haven’t been able to look in the mirror and do that since I watched the movie…lol. Don’t know how writers come up with this stuff. You’re tempted to think there’s something dark and twisted inside them.

the-thing-movie-poster-1982-1020272385On no. 3 spot is “The Thing”. A 1982 American science fiction horror film directed by John Carpenter starring Kurt Russell . “The Thing” a parasitic extraterrestrial life-form that assimilates other organisms and imitates them infiltrates an Antarctic research station, taking the appearances of the researches that it absorbs, and paranoia develops within the group. The movie received reappraisals from critics as one of the greatest horror films ever made. I can testify to that because I remember never wanting to be alone or stay in the dark again after watching it!

The_Exorcist_Anthology_-_CustomMy next favorite is “The Exorcist” which is a classy horror movie, and for a good reason. The story of a little girl possessed by an evil demon has being terrifying audiences since 1973. You won’t forget the image of the child’s possessed face, or the unnatural body positions including the famous rotating head; that one really creeped me out for sure. Based on a novel by William Peter Batty, the book has spawned a total of five movies with the original being nominated for 10 Academy Awards.

My most terrifying horror flick goes to “Evil dead” a 1981 American supernatural horror film written and directed by San Raimi. Remember the story of the five college students vacationing in an isolated cabin in a remote wooded area and some become evil-dead-moviepossessed after they find an audiotape that releases a legion of demons and spirits leading to a gory mayhem; lesson there never listen to a tape you don’t know where its from. Well moi can never forget that horror flick which critics say is among the greatest horror films of all time. For me “Evil Dead” is a classic not like the stupid “Cabin in the Woods” nonsense they shot these days. I can still vividly remember a scene where one of the possessed students uses a pencil on herself…. eww right? Lol…it’s just make believe people! Though the sequels didn’t do the original justice, the producers are hoping the 2013 remake will revive the franchise.

Ok peeps that’s my list. And to lighten the mood (for those that are already feeling scared…lol) with some Christmas cheer, I’m going to be giving out another ticket to watch the Stage Musical ProductionEkan”. Yay! This is how we’re going to do it, send me a list of your five favourite horror flicks and the first person to do so gets the ticket.

Ekan” is still on this Sunday 6th of December at David’s Christian Centre, Amuwo by 5pm. And you can call any of these numbers 08028356363, 08077714411 to get your not free tickets. Don’t forget the proceeds of this beautiful play is going towards feeding a 2000 families this Christmas, so let’s make it happen. Bye bye.




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    December 3, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    Dusk till Dawn 2
    Child’s play 1
    Nightmare on elm street
    Queen of the damned

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    Emeka Ohiaeri
    December 8, 2015 at 7:13 pm

    Horror movies dont seem to scare me because from long ago i convinced myself that it is all fiction and i’ve been free since then lol.

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