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Yippee! It’s another Friday and as usual we get to watch a movie! Yeah I know we’ve got more than a few to watch already but its tradition, we have to watch a movie every weekend. Besides watching movies is all we’re about at Jollyhood, remember? Wonder if it’s also tradition to tear up and eat your written confession like a certain National Publicity Secretary of a not so reigning party did recently? And what were the EFCC operatives doing while the suspect decided on dine on his confession, beats me? I would like to ask him how it tasted, like chicken, sausage or pork… lol. Naija, oh naija! Our country is definitely good for laughs. Little wonder the comedians are making it big time. Perhaps I should consider changing my line of work…hmm?maxresdefault (9)

Unto the movie for the week… let’s give it up for Cinderella. Hurray! No making faces at moi now. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with our movie. Cinderella happens to be a classic tale anytime, any day, any century no matter how many remakes there are. The story of a young girl being maltreated by her evil step mother and sisters after losing her father is one a loooot of Nigerians can identify with. Almost anyone that has stayed with a relative or non-relative has a story to tell about the awful treatment that was meted out to them. Most of us have seen how house maids, orphans, step children are beaten, mauled or tortured by their so called guardians. But that’s a story for other day.

Our movie Cinderella, is a 2015 American romantic fantasy film, directed by Kenneth Branagh. The story is based ondisney_cinderella_2015_character_posters_by_nickelbackloverxoxox-d88lauy Charles Perrault’s eponymous folk tale, and although not a direct remake, borrows many elements from Walt Disney’s 1950 animated film of the same name. The movie stars Lily James (Cinderella), Richard Madden (Prince Charming) and Cate Blanchett (evil Step Mother). It grossed over $542 million worldwide against a budget of $95m. Wow! (That’s the kind of movie yours truly wants to make). It is Branagh’s highest-grossing film till date.

The film mostly received mostly positive reviews from critics. Forbes admired the film’s visual effects, production, and called the costume design Oscar worthy. I couldn’t agree more. I thought the costumes were to die for fab, Cinderella-Movie-2015-Lily-JamescoTqAuG9Qthe set, props and locations were maxresdefault (10)simply amazing. Only Hollywood filmmakers can transport you to a fantasy world and make it look so real. Kudos to Disney. The film was nominated for BAFTA award, has four wins and 14 more nominations including a Costumes Designers Guild Awards 2016. I’ll be rooting for them to win that one. But most important is the message of the movie given by a dying mother to her daughter, to always show kindness and courage, is one we should all embrace. And also touching is Cinderella’s courage to choose to Cinderella-Movie-Dual-Audio-Downloadremain living with her step mother and siblings with all their cruelty, believing they would change. I would have given up on them long before and found my levels. Guess it takes courage to do the right things in the face of our discomfort like love and be kind to someone who’s shown us only contempt. So the morale then isn’t to only show love and kindness to the less fortunate but also to those less deserving. You never know what might happen; pumpkins could turn into carriages, mice into horses and tomorrow’s pauper could become the prince or the princess as in this case.

Before we run off to go consult our little black books for those who’ve done us harm, in order to forgive and show some them kindness… Really?! You’ve got little black books? Might want to make a New Year resolution to do away with it right this moment. Please remember that it takes more courage to forgive and forget than to hold on to a grudge. I know I’m going to take a cue from the movie to be a better person, as should you.

Thanks Jipsy Consult for your comment on Jollyhood’sIn With The New” post and to answer your question about the new series on air, you should check our post “The New and The Comebacks. Please keep sending in your comments cos we always love to hear from you. Have an awesome weekend guys. XOXO.

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