A Sarah’s Timeout?

The Proposal

proposal-cartoonMy heart beats fast like a Bugatti

Every Time thoughts of you zooms past my mind it’s like a Ferrari

Yeah, I love cars

But not as much as I love you

Baby, all I wanna say is “would you be my B.M.W?”

I said “Would you Be-My-Wife?”

Happy New Month folks! Before you carried away, no one’s proposing on my blog today (Lol). Just felt like sharing this beautiful poem by Poet/Compere/Creative Communicator, Saint Rhymes. You can find out if the girl agreed to be his “B.M.W” at https://db.tt/ejpwXxjE.

Last week I read about the death of a Hollywood camera assistant, Sarah Jones died two years ago during the production of Greg Allman’s biopic “Midnight Rider”. And I felt touched to share about it. I’ve never considered filming to be a dangerous occupation apart from the occasional accidents to the stunts people, but after reading the account of what happened, I’ve had to rethink my position. It appears filming for a production crews isn’t as exciting as I thought but neck breaking exhausting work of 16 or 17 hours a day which often times also poses a danger to their lifes. Or it looks that way after reading what happened to Sarah Jones.

The story goes that the director, Randall Miller wanted to shoot a scene which involved placing a bed on a train track on a local bridge but had been warned explicitly against it by the railroad because it was a high traffic train track, but 838883487200062925.jpgMiller disregarded the warning and went ahead with the scene. They had however been warned to expect two trains on the bridge headed in opposite directions and that if any additional trains came, a whistle about a minute before the train would reach the bridge. (Why would the director, AD and producer believe that they could clear the tracks under a minute? That’s just plain crazy!). So the crew waited for the two trains to pass and set up the bed for the shot, but unfortunately a third train did come along and in the panic of having to clear a track in a minute, you can imagine what happened afterwards. In the resulting mayhem Sarah Jones was hit by a large piece of the bed debris, fell on the track and was struck and killed by the train. She was only 25 years old. All that’s been running through my head since is “what a waste” of a young lady’s life.

I’ve always admired Hollywood; the level of creativity, dedication and commitment that goes into producing a movie. But are these qualities worth endangering peoples’ lifes over? Recently I watched the making of the 2007 ‘TRANSFORMERS’ directed by Michael Bay. I saw exploding vehicles, cars come crashing down from buildings and more thrown several meters into a street with actors in the middle of this mayhem, all in the bid to make the scenes feel lifelike (producers say they wrecked a total of 200 cars for that movie). I also saw actor Shia Labeouf hang from a stature on a rooftop with only a rope tied round his waist for protection in the name of “Creativity”. That was 9 years ago only God knows how crazier directors have gotten since then; like shooting a bed scene on a high traffic train track. Then director Michael Bay goes on to say filming is a dangerous business. Well I beg to differ! It’s called acting for a reason people! Not like we’re going off to war or something. Creativity isn’t worth the lifes of people not matter how brilliant the director wants to be.  It’s just a movie for Pete’s sakes! If Sarah Jones had known shooting that scene would cost her life, I’ll be my last dollar she wouldn’t have been on that set. Creativity be…. (Lips sealed).

I hear the UK government has brought criminal charges against the producers of Star Wars: The Force Awakens over the incident that injured actor Harrison Ford while on set http://(http://variety.com/2016/film/news/star-wars-harrison-ford-accident-producers-charged-1201703377/ ). Now Hollywood movie professionals are trying to instill what they call a ‘Sarah Timeout’ on production sets should anyone not feel safe or a need further clarification concerning a safety issue to protect the crew. I hope Sarah’s death serves as a lesson to producers to put safety above creativity and it doesn’t end up as just another wasted life.received_10153896865704259.jpeg

On a brighter note, Dr Shogo’sCup of Lafta” premiers this Saturday March 5th by 9.45pm on LTV and you definitely don’t want to miss it. The Oscars have come and gone so moi will announce the winner (the individual with the highest predictions) by Friday and that wonderful freebie he/she is going away with. Until then peeps. Stay safe.


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    March 2, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Lol @the proposal

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    Neca Ugochukwu-Onyeka
    March 7, 2016 at 7:58 am

    will you be my B.M.W? i would ask him what model please? lol

    I do not think acting is what losing one’s live. most time all these money are spent and all this unnecessary risk taken are all in a bid to win an Oscar. Lets take for example ‘Revenent’; the movie was not as interesting as concussion to me but i think Leonardo deserved to win the Oscar award over Will Smith because the acting was extreme. I bet the bear was real, sleeping inside the belly of a hose was real,to mention but a few. I think most of this directors and action also enjoy taking this risk because they are never forced to do it.

    I will miss Sarah Jones…..may her soul rest in peace.

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