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Thank God it’s another Movie Friday, and this week’s “must watch” movie comes from the stables one of Hollywood’s top. if not slightly queer directors. He writes and directs his screenplays as well plays a “waka pass” (minor) role in his movies. Yeah, it’s Quentin Tarantino! And the movie is his latest work, ‘The Hateful Eight’.


The Hateful Eight, an American Western mystery film saw Samuel L. Jackson return to debut in another of Tarantino’s films after the hit 1994 ‘ Pulp Fiction’. It also stars Kurt RussellJennifer Jason LeighWalton GogginsDemián BichirTim RothMichael Madsen, and Bruce Dern as eight strangers who seek refuge from a blizzard in a stagecoach stopover sometime after the American Civil WarHateful-Eight-Poster-2016-1

The film released in December 2015, was nominated for several awards and won quite a few. Nominations include, three Academy Awards of Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Score. The score, went to Ennio Morricone and was his first complete Western score in 35 years.  Not bad for a guy for a guy who practically returned from retirement to work on the movie.

Tarantino announced the film which it had originally started as a novel and sequel to Django Unchained in November 2013, but there was some mild drama when the script leaked in January 2014.  Tarantino cancelled the film but later announced that he had changed his mind after directing a live reading of the script and began filming on December 8, 2014, near TellurideColorado. Good thing he did because as of March 13, 2016, The Hateful Eight has grossed $53.7 million in North America and $99.4 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $153.1 million, against a budget of $44 million. The film grossed $15.7 million in its opening weekend, finishing third at the box office behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($90.2 million) and Daddy’s Home ($29.2 million).

hateful-eight-samuel-l-jackson-xlargeTypical of all of Tarantino’s films ‘The Hateful Eight’ is dark, disturbing, with plenty of his usual gore and violence. Not surprising for someone who believes “violence is so much fun to watch”. Ewww! The film however received mostly positive reviews from critics with an average rating of 7.4/10 on Rotten Tomatoes.  Some critics suggested that the moral crux of the film were the discussions about race, racism, and violence but felt its handling of race issues was “dumb and ill-considered”. Tarantino said he wrote ‘The Hateful Eight’ to reflect America’s fraught racial history.

Another critic James Berardinelli wrote: “Tarantino doesn’t appeal to everyone and, when considering his body of work that has to be acknowledged. His movies are hard-R: replete with profanity and graphic violence. Those who can’t stomach that sort of thing will find The Hateful Eight, like its seven feature length predecessors, to be nearly unwatchable. For everyone else, however, this is a high-wire thriller, full of masterfully executed twists, captivating dialogue, and a wildly entertaining narrative that gallops along at a pace to make three hours evaporate in an instant. Best film of the year? “Yes”.


I kind of agree. While I’m not a fan of Tarantino’s works (they’re a bit too sick and twisted for my taste), I consider the latest to be his best. Eight vermin characters; two bounty hunters, the prisoner, a renegade turned sheriff, a hangman, a racist southern general, a drifter, a suspicious caretaker, all trapped together in a single cabin during a blizzard, with the Agatha Christie element (someone isn’t who he says he is) thrown in for extra spice made ‘The Hateful Eight’ highly riveting and entertainingly.


I loved the mystery and the suspense, the darkly humorous dialogue which made 2hrs and 40 mins pass like a blur because Tarantino had me guessing and second guessing as to who wasn’t really meant to be in that cabin. And the whole North and South thing from the American Civil War, they Tim-Roth-Kurt-Russel-og-Jennifer-Jason-Leigh-i-The-Hateful-Eighthad going on in the cabin, fueled the hatred among the characters, dosed up the tensions and made you wonder who would pull the trigger first.  To quote Telegraph critic Robbie CollinThe Hateful Eight brought an entire nation in a single room”. Added plus, was Tarantino superb actors who made his characters come alive, especially Jennifer Jason Leigh in the role of Daisy Domergue (that was one sick character). Kind of sorry she didn’t get an Oscar for that performance. But all the same let’s give up for Quentin Tarantino and go watch the movie if you haven’t yet.

That’s it for this weekend. Be sure to send in your take on our movie. Don’t forget all my bold, beautiful ladies to slip on those battle heels and join me for “Warrior in Heels ” today, 1st April, on the Island Center of David’s Christian Centre, Elegushi bus-stop, after 3rd roundabout, Lekki, by 6.30pm. And Sunday, 3rd April, on the Mainland Center,of DCC, Opposite NEPA bus-stop, Fatgbems Filling Station, Amuwo Odofin, by 4.30pm.  Do take care. With much love from Jollyhood. Bye bye!

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