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Public announcement! Looking for professional handbag carriers to help carry your designer bags during an outing? Uniformed officers to fan you during a public ceremony? Or an armed shoe shiner to shine your shoes? Look no further. You can contact the Nigerian Police force or Department of State Services for these services…ROFTL. Haba! Naija won’t kill someone. Our country is a comic heaven for jokes. Like I said before, little wonder comedians thrive here. Sure you must have heard about or seen the video of the armed DSS official shining the shoes of the Minister of Interior. I don’t know which of them deserves a hard knock on the head for humiliating Nigerians so; the Minister or the official? Now we know why our policemen and security officials are always so angry; they must be taking out their frustration of being treated like menial workers by their bosses “Naija big men” out on us, the innocent masses.

To the real business of the day jare, our weekend movie. I’ve heard so much about this movie based on the true story of a Nigerian working in the States in the 1980s, that I thought we should check it out. Guessed the movie right? It’s Will Smith’s “Concussion”.


Concussion is a 2015 American biographical sports medical drama film (don’t you just love the way Americans break down their genres…smile) directed and written by Peter Landesman, based on the 2009 GQ expose Game Brain by the-movie-concussion-is-filled-with-myths_mnMJdoYVOJeanne Marie Laskas and Starring Will Smith as Dr Bennet Omalu, a Nigerian forensic pathologist who fought against the efforts of the National Football League to suppress his research on chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), brain damage suffered by professional football players. Released December last year, as of January 18, the film has grossed a worldwide total of $36.4m in North America and other territories against a budget of $35m. Not bad for a month’s sales.

The film received mixed reviews from critics with Rotten Tomatoes saying “the movie lands a solid, well-acted hit on its impressively timely subject matter.” Others praised Will Smith for his performance, calling it “sensitive and understated”. Will received five nominations for “Best Actor” including a Golden Globe which he lost to Leonardo DiCaprio’sRevenant”.

I agree with Rotten Tomatoes, it’s a powerful story on a timely subject and Will Smith delivered another brilliant concussion strongest deliveriesperformance on an emotional subject. if you know how much the Americans love their the football, then perhaps you could imagine how tough it must have been for Dr. Omalu, a Nigerian without citizenship status to go toe to toe with the League and Will portrayed that emotional conflict well. One scene that stayed with me is where Dr. Omaluconcussion-movie-05227-1500x1000 (1) says to his wife “As a boy growing up in Nigeria, I thought America was heaven where God sent all his favourite people.” An echo of most Nigerians’ sentiments right; Naija being hell and America heaven.  On the flip side, I wasn’t so impressed with Will’s Igbo accent. It sounded more generic than like the typical Igbo accent. I think Chiwetula Ejiofor played a better Igbo character in “Half of a Yellow Sun”. But then a Will Smith will definitely draw a bigger crowd to the cinemas. The message of the movie however; of a Nigerian fighting for his convictions (even in another man’s country), is one I wish Nigerians would emulate. That we will stand united against corrupt politicians rather than accepting their mince meals to engage in hooliganism, thuggery, tyranny and murder. That we will choose to preserve the dignity of our office and not scoop so low to become professional handbag carriers, event fanners and shoe shiners for our “Naija big men.” Someday we are going to have to realize that the “Change” we’re all screaming about has to start with the “Man in the Mirror”…me and you.

That’s it for our must watch movie and as usual let us know your take on it. Thanks Abosede, Funmi,  Christiana and Adetunji for sending in your answers to “And the Winner is…” But I’ve already given the freebie to Uzo for being the first one to send in a response and I’ve also given the correct answers in the post “Baddest Girls”. But for getting the question right, Jollyhood thinks one of you should get something. So who is it gonna be? Drumroll please…. The winner is Abosede! She was the first to send in the correct answers. Abosede you’ll be receiving a mail from Jollyhood on how to collect your gift. Please do try again ladies. I know I will love to see your list of the top five baddest girls on TV. Ciao!

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