I’m So Grateful!!!

Hello people. Wow! November is over and that means 2015 will soon be as well. It’s been a great year and we’re grateful to God Almighty for seeing us through. Please no worries peeps if you haven’t realized all of your desires for the year; who says you have to eat all your cake in 2015, you’ve still got 2016 right? The most important thing is that you’re alive because dead people don’t have desires only the living do, all the more reason to be thankful.

Do pray tell did you guys have fun with last week’s movie? Hopefully you didn’t doze off like moi… lol. Great news! We’ve got ourselves a winner for the Movie Review Quiz. Yay! Last Friday I asked for the actor, the movie title and the year of release of the movie with the line;

I once appeared convincingly before Congress as Obama.

The answers; ‘SPY’, released in 2015 and the actor is Jason Statham.



Spy-Movie-2015I thought the movie was off the hook crazy funny and my favourite scene, need you ask, is the one with the dialogue line above where Jason Statham (Rick Ford) engages Melissa McCarthy (Susan Cooper) with his exploits of being a secret agent. Here are some lines from the scene:

Rick Ford: You think you’re ready for the field? I once used defibrillators on myself. I once deliberately put shards of glass in my eyes. I’ve jumped from a high-rise building using my raincoat as a parachute and broke both legs on landing.













I’ve swallowed enough microchips and shit them back out again to make a computer. This arm has been ripped of completely and re-attached with this arm.

Susan Cooper: I don’t know that’s even possible… I mean medically…

Rick Ford: During the threat of an assignation attempt, I appeared convincingly before congress as Barrack Obama.

Susan Cooper: In black-face? That’s not appropriate…

Rick Cooper: I watched the woman I love get tossed from a plane and hit by another plane in mid-air. I drove a car off a freeway on top of a train while it was on fire. Not the car, I was on fire.

Susan Cooper: You’re intense.

face offHilarious isn’t it? I haven’t heard anyone lie with so much creativity. Or seen anyone that actually believes the Face Off Machine is real. I was ROFTL. It was nice to see Jason Statham in a different role from his usual ‘kill the bad guys’ action movie roles. Wish the producers would have toned down on the swearing, it took the joy out of the movie for me. But then I heard that’s Melissa’s trademark, you need a fat lady that’s funny and swears fluently; call her.

Thanks to everyone that sent in answers but we did say the first person to send in the correct answer wins the prize and that person is (drum roll please) ….. Nike Afolayan. Nike you wouldn’t by any chance be related to Kunle Afolayan would you now cos I wouldn’t mind a meet.  And no. I aint kidding. Anyway Nike  you’re the proud winner of one free ticket to see the Stage Musical Production titled “Ekan“. I’ll be sending you an email to finalize how you can pick up your ticket.

I watched the first production of ‘Ekan’ and it was great. So trust me when I say the musical of it is going to be even better. The beautiful thing about ‘Ekan’ is that the proceeds of the play are being donated to a charity event called ‘Christmas A 1000 Times Better’ with the sole aim of feeding less privileged families during the festive period. Last year they feed a thousand families and this time the plan is to feed another extra 1000, making 2000 families to be feed this Christmas. Anyone that buys a ticket doesn’t just get to have a great time watching the Stage Play but also gets to feed a family at the same time. What better way to spend your money than to kill… nah don’t want to use the word kill… OK… save several birds with it at the same time. So no more free tickets, go watch the production people and feed a family or more.

‘Ekan’ is happening on the 6th of December at David’s Christian Centre, Amuwo. And you can call these numbers 08028356363 or 08077714411 to get your tickets. Jollyhood’s got more freebies for grabs so you’ll definitely gonna wonna stick with us. Have a great week peeps and remember don’t stop watching the movies.

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