Omoni’s Law!

H’yah! I’ve got a treat for you. In response to all the accusations of not having enough Nigerian content on Jollyhood, going forward, once every month, we’ll be reviewing a Naija movie. Yay! That’s just to show y’all that the other thing we live for apart from the movies of course, is you guys *wink*  So, for this month naija movie; it’s one that has generated quite some controversy on the social media. Yeah, it’s Omoni Oboli’s “Okafor’s Law”.

The flm was to premiere on March 24, 2017, at IMAX Cinema, Lekki Phase 1, but was stopped after Oboli, Dioni Visions and Filmone Distribution were served a court injunction filled by Raconteur Productions on behalf of a Canada-based writer, Jude Idada for copyright infringement accusations leveled against Oboli in 2016. Now the court case makes with the complaint being based abroad, cos I haven’t heard of any naija writer suing a producer to court and it’s hardly news how producers constantly shortchange we writers (lips sealed).

It was reported that Oboli broke down in tears while addressing the invited guests, as she stated emphatically that the script and film were created ‘100 %’ by her. She and Babatope (Filmone) went on to assure the guests that film will follow it’s scheduled nationwide release date, of March 31, 2017. And it did! Oboli had court injunction overturned and won the right to screen her film. Guess that’s how sure they were of  her innocence… hmm.

Okafor’s Law, the fourth Omoni Oboli Production,  is a 2016 Nigerian romantic comedy drama film written, directed, produced by Omoni Oboli and it also stars her as the lead act. Guess she’s surpassing the Quentin Tarrentinos by being a quadruple threat. Good for her! The film also stars, Ken Erics, Ufuoma McDermott, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Richard Mofe-Damijo and Gabriel Afolayan.

The term “Okafor’s law” which applies mostly to guys, has it that If you have been involved in a relationship with a girl for over a period of time and you did a great job, (in a certain department), there’s a high probability of rekindling the fire with that person irrespective of their new relationship status.

In the film, Chuks, a.k.a The Terminator, (Blossom Chukwujekwu) makes a bet with his friends to prove the existence of the law by crossing three hurdles from his past; Ejiro: jilted bride turned Jesus lover, Ify: trophy wife of a possessive business and Tomi: hard core business woman. Does he jump the hurdles and cross the finishing line… Of course, I aint telling! Go watch the movie! Or don’t you want the producers to make their money back?

Considering the controversy surrounding the film, Okafor’s Law had enough media hype to get the fans adrenaline pumping in anticipation of seeing this movie. However the question is: did it live up to the media hype? With barely a week of screening at the cinema, some critics are of the view, that it didn’t. To quote Pulse movie review “Some movies just don’t live up to expectations, and “Okafor’s Law” is one of them.”

And what is Jollyhood’s take? Well, I have to say it was a nice enough story line, with no twists or turns (You know how I love my twists). Beautiful cinematography! Loved the aerial view of Lagos and filming on the third mainland bridge (though I can’t help but wonder who goes jogging on that bridge).

That aside, Chukwujekwe gave a convincing performance as a jaded womanizer and foremost proponent of the law. RMD was up to par as usual even with his limited role. But I think I loved Gabriel Afolayan the most in his role of Chukwujekwe’s “know it all” friend (Chuks, The Baptist). But apart from them, all other acts seemed to pale in comparison. But I had some issues with the makeup effects which had had Chuks “The Terminator” looking normal some weeks later after being savagely battered. I guess, black people don’t get bruised faces after being smashed in face several times (pondering). And pleaseee going to see and praising your own film inside your film seems a little cheesy to me.

I’ll have to agree that “Okafor’s Law doesn’t exactly live up to it’s hype,, but it’ engaging enough for you not to fall asleep while watching”. So, Omoni Oboli’s latest effort is entertaining enough to be declared… a must watch”!

There you have it guys; our movie for the weekend! Will definitely love to hear your thoughts about this film. After all, what do I know *smile* Have an awesome weekend! Cheerios!

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