Damaged or Pure???

Another beautiful weekday to y’all. It’s TGIF and Movie Review is on again. Thanks to everyone who sent in comments. Neca, you think ‘London Has Fallen’ is the next best thing since ice cream. Lol. Just kidding. You thought it was great. And also that Mohammed Ali is truly “The Greatest”. Don’t forget so are we. Yemisi Moweta, you want us to review the film ‘Flower Girl’. Will do as soon as I get my hands on it. Feel free guys to send us films you would like us to review as well.

Before we “deal” with today’s movie (wink), I want to take out time to say farewell to another sport personality that went home during the week, Nigeria’s former coach, Stephen Keshi. There’s no doubt that he was one of best local coaches we ever had for the senior national team ‘The Super Eagles’ and having stuck with the job that long with all the NFF wahala, he has my full respect and deserves loads of accolades. Adieu Keshi.


To the matter at hand, this weekend we’re taking a look at the latest in ‘The Divergent Series: Allegiant’. The third instalment in the franchise is an American (aren’t they all American) 2016 science fiction adventure film American, directed by Robert Schwentke, with a screenplay by Stephen Chbosky, Bill Collage, Adam Cooper, and Noah Oppenheim.


The Divergent Series: Allegiant (also known simply as Allegiant, as credited onscreen) is the first of two cinematic parts based on the novel Allegiant, the final book in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth. The film will be followed by the concluding entry, Ascendant (Allegiant and Ascendant were originally to be titled Allegiant – Part 1 and Allegiant – Part 2).


The film sees Shailene WoodleyTheo James, reprise the previous roles with Jeff DanielsOctavia Spencer, Ray StevensonZoë KravitzMiles TellerAnsel Elgort, Maggie QBill Skarsgård, and Naomi Watts.


In Allegiant, Tris escapes with Four and others beyond the wall that encloses Chicago, where they find a highly advanced city whose government years ago, attempted to create a better society, by modifying people’s genes, which lead to disastrous results. The government set up “experiments” in an attempt to repair this mistake, establishing isolated cities across the remains of the United States, Chicago being one of such cities. With the hope of raising genetically pure Divergent individuals to fix the “genetic damage” left in the wake of the Purity War. So now we have people classified as “Pure” or “Damaged”. You can guess which class Tris falls in.


Allegiant was released on March 18, 2016 in theaters and IMAX and the film was a box office bomb, grossing $66.2 million domestically and $110.7 million in foreign markets. It also didn’t fare any better with critics, who criticized the film for its lack of originality and character advancement. Due to its underperformance, The Hollywood Reporter called it “the second big-budget miss for Lionsgate this year after Gods of Egypt. Many critics have blamed the underperformance of the film on Lionsgate’s decision to split the last novel into two pictures. As a result, Lionsgate will cut the budget of the fourth and final movie in the series, Ascendant.


Despite the box office struggles of Allegiant, Lionsgate still plans to debut the film on June 9, 2017, where it will face competition from Paramount’s World War Z 2 and Universal’s reboot of The Mummy. Yah! Looking forward to seeing those two, especially ‘The Mummy’. Wonder if it can trump the first sequel with Brendan Fraser.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 12%, based on 160 reviews, with an average rating of 4/10. The site’s critical consensus reads, “Allegiant improves on previous entries in The Divergent Series on a few superficial levels, but they aren’t enough to counteract a sense of growing boredom with a franchise that’s gone on too long.


They couldn’t have put it better. That was exactly Jollyhood’s take “boring”. Franchises may seem like an easy money pool, but without creativity, some form of newness and freshness to each emerging sequel, the directors tend to bore the audiences to death. As was the case with the third installment Allegiant.


On February 8, 2016, Lionsgate confirmed that Schwentke would not return to direct and announced that Lee Toland Krieger as his replacement. Will it make a difference to the final installment? We’ll see.


Ladies don’t forget our When Women Worship Conference tagged “AMAGHIMO” is still on for Friday & Saturday, 2425th June at both the Island and Mainland Centers of David’s Christian Centre. And I now know what it means *huge grin*. It means “I don’t know”. Kind of like I don’t know how to explain how good God has been to me. Think we all might to take a refresher course in counting our blessings as we countdown to the programme. I know I have a lot to be thankful for. Maybe I’ll share some with you next Tuesday.  Enjoy your weekend! Cheerio!

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