Hi peeps. And welcome to another awesome week. Am feeling so excited, and primarily because I had a great weekend. I meet one of gospel huge legends, Bob Fitts. Yay! Some of y’all may not understand why it’s a big deal, but for those of us that that got born again in the nineties, we only had three gospel musicians, Ron, Kenoly, Don Moen and Bod Fitts.  So trust me when I say it was quite an experience for me, meeting him and his lovely wife, and I also got to worship with him, live. It was one dream that came true.


But apart from that, watching him minister reminded me all over again of what it felt like the first time I got saved (that feeling of being on top of the world, nothing else mattered but your salvation experience, and nothing could ever take that away from you or ever separate you from God). And it felt nice to feel that way again, especially with the recent happenings in the country (the fuel crisis, economic stress and the incessant heat wave) to mention a few. Naija makes it’s so easy to lose touch with that God’s goodness, love and grace and give in to bitterness and frustration. Thanks to Bob Fitts for reminding me that God does love me, Nigeria and that He definitely came to save to us, even our beloved Naija. #Godblessnigeria.


So we won’t be talking movies today but doing another evaluation of the progress we’ve made so far this year. Considering how easy it is to get sucked into the ongoing wahala in the country and lose focus, it makes total sense to remind ourselves of the promise we made at the beginning of 2016 to turn our goals into realities.


It’s good that we spent the first quarter making plans, strategizing, drawing up SMART tools, pie charts, con charts or any type of chat that works. Or finding the ‘X’ in the equation. Although something tells me that ‘X’ doesn’t want to be found. Lol. But the strategies aside, it’s time we got cracking! Plans are good and all, but as long as you do nothing with them, they’ll remain just that (mere scribbling on a paper).


So it’s time to put those plans into action. And we can’t use the conditions in the country as excuses for doing nothing either, because as long as there are others thriving amidst such conditions, so can we.  One way to do that, would be for us to spend more time putting action to our plans, and less time typing “AMEN” to prayers on Facebook.fb_img_1461604022098.jpg

So, more energy and focus “doing” something about those goals and less defeating dreaded enemies on Facebook. If only it were that easy to make our dreams a reality… img-20160118-wa0001.jpglol. And because Jollyhood wants the best for all y’all, and to also restate the promise we made at the beginning of the year, we’re making another offer of a free banner advert all through the month of May. Yay! We’re just too much! Yeah, I know *smile*. Terms and conditions of course still apply. So send us a mail indicating interest and we’ll get back to you with the necessary requirements.

Remember we always love to hear from you at Jollyhood Pictures, so keep sending in your take about the movies.  And ‘The Babatunde Diaries’ is back on our NEW YouTube Channel ( ) for more exciting episodes, so go check it out. Have a great week peeps and make a commitment to start “DOING” something about those goals this week. Cheerio!

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